6 Minutes to Skinny Review

6 Minutes to SkinnyWith so many things going on in our lives, most of us often don’t have much time to spend on working out. We’re usually caught up in work or our studies and end up either too tired to exercise or still have to handle the chores or take care of the kids when we get home.

For this reason, the easier and shorted the time needed an exercise program is, the more effective it probably will be. This makes it easier for regular folks like us to squeeze into our daily schedules.

We’ve all heard people spending hours and hours at the gym or running for long periods of time in the treadmill to lose weight. However, we probably won’t be doing that.

This is why Craig Ballantyne, a well known fitness trainer who’s been featured in health and exercise magazines like Men’s Health and Mens’ Fitness, has devised a short, effective routine he calls 6 Minutes to Skinny. Our review will look into the program and see whether or not there’s any essence to this catchy sounding weight loss system.

What is the 6 Minutes to Skinny Program?

Craig Ballantyne’s 6 Minutes to Skinny is a fat loss program that’s made for people who don’t have much time to get their workouts in. It’s a solution for something we all know too well, not having enough time to exercise.

The system is based on research and avoids having to run or jog for long periods of time on a treadmill. This is something Craig has been known for. That is, his penchant for having his clients do long cardio workouts. The solution? A set of movements that last for only a few minutes but enough to boost metabolism and kick-start fat loss. This is something that he’s shared in his Turbulence Training system, and something he continues to live by.

The 6 minutes is spread out into 2 portions. The first 4 minutes being exercise movements while the last 2 minutes creating a shake. Both play their part in boosting the fat burning capabilities of our body to lose weight.

It is geared for busy people who want a short by effective workout. Those who want to lose 10 or more pounds and do it safely.

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Safety and Health First

One of the things I like most about Craig Ballantyne’s approach to fitness, is that he emphasizes on safety and health first. So this doesn’t put our bodies at risk just for the sake of losing weight.

Much of his work is based on scientific research which he spends a lot of time on. It is also the safety and injury avoidance mentality that has made his steer away from making people spend long amounts of time on cardio since this can damage joints.

Metabolic Cycling

One of the main concepts of the 6 Minutes to Skinny program is Metabolic Cycling. This centers on the fact that the body goes through different metabolic phases throughout the day. As it changes the speed at which our body processes food and burns fat also changes.

This is something that some diet programs like the Renegade Diet and Carb Nite Solution take advantage of. By timing when you eat carbs it helps us lose fat and still be able to keep or gain muscle.

With 6 Minutes to Skinny, the system takes advantage of the body’s cycle in the mornings. By getting the right exercise and foods in, we are able to fuel our body so that it has an extra boost of fat burning ability that lasts throughout the entire day. And this increase helps cut down our weight over time.

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Components Included in the Package

  1. 6 Minutes to Skinny Manual – this manual provides the details and outlines the entire program. It is the best place to start. While explaining what to do throughout the program, it also educates us about the process of fat loss and gives us tips as well as best practices to achieve sustainable fat loss.
  2. 7 Day Fast Start Guide – once you have the guidelines down and understand what’s involved, the quickest way to go through things is to do them. This is what the Fast Start Guide is for. It lays out the step by step processes to do during the first week. This way there’s no guessing or confusion.
  3. 8 Week Guide – as much as the 7 Day Fast Start Guide gets us in gear, the bulk of the program is in this 8 week guide. It is more comprehensive and tells us the things we should be doing.
  4. 2 Minute Recipes – a big part of the program are the breakfast and shake recipes. The good news is they’re all laid out in the recipe book. There are over 30 recipes in the book, that help us get healthy, fat burning meals that are still tasty.
  5. Movement Videos – the other component to the 6 minutes is the exercise portion. There are a number of videos included with each video focusing on specific parts of the body. This way it is easy to search and play the video of the body part instead of having to play through all the different sections.
  6. Perfect Nutrition Guide – this guide is one of the most useful since nutrition plays a much bigger part in weight loss compared to exercise. And the guide helps us understand how to get good nutrition and lose weight at the same time. It includes what foods as well as how to prepare them so we know what to do.

Our Verdict

This is a very specific program that’s designed for certain types of individuals. It fits people of different ages and fitness levels because of the simplicity of the program. It is specifically designed for anyone who is short on time but wants to be able to still lose fat. The program also gives us a new perspective on how to exercise that’s different from the common cardio workouts.

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