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60 Second Panic Solution Review – Stop Those Panic Attacks

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Panic ButtonGrowing up I was always told I had a type A personality. I never really knew what that meant, until a couple or so years ago I finally decided to look it up on the internet. I didn’t need to read much more than a few lines before being able to tell that they are correct on their assessment. I was indeed a type A personality.

I didn’t really bother to read much of the rest of the description but what I could tell from what I did read was that it wasn’t good for your health to be this type of personality. Simply put, I worry about the little things and get stressed out easily.

One of the things I also noticed was because I get so stresses and anxious in pressure situations or times when important things were on the line, I’d get panic attacks. I can’t really recall when it began but it comes and goes. While I can try to predict instances where it can happen, it doesn’t always occur when I think it will so I can’t be sure either.

What I can tell is that they really make you freeze and feel lousy. You get this sinking feeling of fear but aren’t really sure why. And the feeling is from deep down inside that you feel so bothered by it. I can tell you that the anxiousness prevents me from doing anything properly. When this happens you can’t think straight at all.

This 60 Second Panic Solution review is something I’m doing as a result of something that helped me a lot with my issues. I can tell you now that it was never my idea to get something like this but out of desperation you sometimes have no other choice. Other than my desperation to rid myself of the panic attacks, it came with a 2 month return policy. So I thought, at least I could get a refund if the product is worthless. Luckily, things did turn out well though this time.

What is the 60 Second Panic Solution?

60-second-panic-solution-reviewThe entire program is a collection of ebook PDF guides along with some videos and audio MP3 files you can listen to. I initially thought it was a book that taught a certain method but it went a bit more.

The main focus was using natural methods to treat panic attacks. It does not include going to the doctor’s clinic, or taking any prescription medication to treat it. Instead, you use different methods to control them.

For me, just as important as the 60 second solution was is the other sections of the books and videos. The sections where you can detect the early signs of a potential panic attack coming and being able to take action to stop it before it gets full blown.

–>> Click here to see the book’s presentation material


About Dan Alexander and Anna Gibson-Steel

It took me a while to actually get the book because I did some research first. I can tell you now that I was really skeptical at first because things started off really, really weird. Their website had a guy names Dan Alexander. To this day I still don’t know who he is, except the guy talking in the site’s video doing the introduction.

But the product is by someone named Anna Gibson-Steel. Ms. Gibson-Steel is apparently the CEO and founder of Holistic Centre of Excellence. This center focuses on using natural methods for dealing with some issues like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

A Review of How it Works

I was happy to learn, and honestly relieved to do so, that there was science behind this 1 minute treatment. For the most part it is based on understanding the body and how the mind and body are connected.

The secret has to do with using our thumb and index fingers, which are the two digits that are most connected with our minds. We when site stretched out on the floor with our fingers out in our laps. I did learn later on, through research that this is very closely related to some yoga techniques.

This pretty much explains why people get that calming sensation that relaxes, soothes stress and releases anxiety when they do yoga. The simple movement takes all of 60 seconds and lets you connect body with mind to get rid of the anxieties and pressures that lead to panic attacks.

For me, knowing what to do when I feel a panic attack coming around has been able to free me to doing things more naturally and not letting the more stressful or pressure situations literally make me freeze.

Important Things I Learned from the Program

All told the ebook pdf covers around 145 pages. It covers the techniques to handle the condition including what to do when it comes about.

  1. The other sections I really liked was understanding the underlying issues. After all getting a feeling of panic stems from some even, situation or even some person. The book helped me understand and recognize certain causes that trigger my attacks.
  2. I was able to look into myself and understand what my fears were, where they were rooted from, along with my anxieties and phobias. After that being able to deal with them.
  3. Being able to detect the early signs of a possible panic attack and prevent it from becoming full blown
  4. When it does take me by surprise, I know what to do to relieve it, without it messing up my day.

–> Click here to view the 60 Second Panic Solution PDF Book


My Thoughts


  • It takes work. Don’t let the nice title fool you. It says a 60 second solution. And while this will be true eventually when you get the hang of it. It takes weeks of getting there. It takes practice just as learning to do something. So don’t think it’s a miracle solution.


  • The book shows you the solution in 3 simple steps. Each step is detailed making it easy to understand and follow.
  • You don’t need to see a doctor, psychiatrist or take any prescription medication. This saves you the money of having to visit different doctors. It uses natural methods that don’t require you to buy anything.
  • It goes more into you learning about yourself and understanding why these attacks occur and how you can control them. So with practice and self-inspection you control it instead of it controlling you.
  • It does not take years and years of figuring out. I’ve heard of some people having to continuously make visits to their psychiatrists.

image credits: johnjoh

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