Is Brown Rice Paleo or Not?

You’re looking for a food that’s filling and one that’s a complement to meat and veggies. What about brown rice. But before going the to store and buying it, is brown rice paleo or not?

Brown Rice Paleo or Not

Brown rice is a good alternative to have if you are used to eating the white version. Although, it’s healthier in comparison to their white rice counterpart, it’s not part of the Paleo diet, just as white rice is not part of the diet either.

Brown rice do tend to take longer to cook and due to the unique flavor it has, some people may not like it. You can flavor it with different herbs and spices to make it enjoyable.

Since Paleo doesn’t allow brown rice, it’s safe to say that you have to avoid it just like with noodles and anything to do with pasta ingredients. In fact, anything with rice should be avoided if you’re planning on following a strict Paleo diet.

Alternatives to Brown Rice


If you’re looking for something that will replace the filling feeling of starchy foods like brown rice, a very popular, lighter and healthier alternative is cauliflower. Many paleo followers use cauliflower as a carb or to substitute carbs because it can be made to look like grains, even if it isn’t a carbohydrate.

Cauliflower is part of the vegetable group and vegetables are allowed in the diet. Preferably, fresh but cooked with healthy oil is also acceptable. Cauliflower is also perfect to make into a mashed potato alternative. If you crave carbs, use cauliflower to replace them in place of rice and potato.

Adding Flavor

For flavoring, you can use salt and pepper with sesame, coconut or olive oil. Lemon and lime juice as well as herbs and spices are also great for adding extra flavors to food. Do remember to leave out oils that have been refined, which means a lot of the common cooking oils like canola and refined vegetable oils are also out when on Paleo. This is because it is important to avoid anything with artificial ingredients as well.

Most of what’s commercially sold in stores are not what our ancestors eat in order to survive. This leaves out beans because it’s a legume product, as well as anything that’s processed. By taking out these ‘modernized’ foods, the diet definitely help us live longer as well as lose unwanted body fat.

Sweet Potatoes or Yams

For those who want to feel more satisfied when they eat, sweet potatos and yams are another alternative to brown rice and other grain products. While these two vegetables are paleo, some stricter paleo diet followers don’t include them in their diet because of the higher carb and starch content, which make them lower quality foods for those looking to lose weight.

If you do add starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash or yams while on paleo, you’ll want to do it in moderation since the extra starch content aren’t as effective as say cauliflowers in helping you lose weight, if that’s your goal.

Avoiding Non-Paleo Foods

Paleo also doesn’t allow wheat (which have gluten in most cases), dairy, most potatoes and soy products to include into the diet. This means a lot of the carbs like rice, pasta, grains and even pizza aren’t allowed. It does however, include plant based products, seeds and nuts which is why it’s a healthy diet to consume whether trying to stay in shape or losing weight.

On top of what you need to avoid, sugar and sugar substitutes are also excluded in the diet. Not only does it cause internal problems but the impact of consuming them on a daily basis is the cause of obesity and overweight people to get and stay fat.

If you want to get healthy, the Paleo diet helps you get there because it excludes the ingredients that are can be harmful to our long term health. The diet also excludes gluten which is perfect for people who are allergic to it. Sea salt is alright to use in the diet which is a good alternative to using salt. Use sparingly though if you want to watch your diet.

The diet may look somewhat restricting but not as much as other types of diets. And once you’ve figured out substitutes for those restricted foods, it becomes less of an issue.

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