Is Goat Cheese Paleo?

You love how goat cheese and other cheeses taste, but before taking your next bite, ever wonder is goat cheese paleo or not?

The paleo diet is considered a diet with its fundamentals being based off the evolutionary diet of humans. The principal is simple: If the foods weren’t available to humans then, they should be avoided today. This includes foods such as refined sugars, processed oils and processed grains.

The processing done to these foods takes out some of the natural nutritional contents and also adds additives or artificial flavors into them. As a result, they are not as healthy as eating natural foods.

So instead, paleo diet advocates claim consuming a higher level of meat and protein, as well as unprocessed fruits and vegetables, is the healthiest diet for humans.

Is Goat Cheese Paleo or Not?

So does dairy, including cheese, fall into the paleo diet plan?

Certain foods do not make the grade for falling under the umbrella of the paleo diet, one of which is dairy. Dairy products of any nature, whether produced by cows or goats: cheese, milk, yogurt or cottage cheese are not considered part of the paleo diet for several reasons:

1. High level of processing

Big corporations of dairy products put the products through rigorous amounts of processing which causes the products to not only lose some of their true nutritional value, but the end result is that they become unhealthy for the human body.

One way in which the processing of milk is unhealthy is with the removal of necessary and nutritional fats, like you would see in skim milk. Another negative aspect of dairy with the paleo diet is with grain-fed cows.

Grain-fed cows can produce milk rich in certain enzymes like Omega-6 fatty acids, but cannot produce milk rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. In the end, milk products may seem healthy short term, but long term, highly processed dairy products are known for increasing inflammation to the body.

2. Steroids and antibiotics

It is common practice for large corporations to use steroids and antibiotics in the production of milk and dairy products. Steroids help cows produce more milk and antibiotics keep the cows well, though can have damaging effects on humans. These harmful effects can be found in any dairy product made.

3. Fattening

Milk and dairy products contain a lot of fat which is unhealthy. The fat raises insulin levels which is hard on your pancreas, and those that suffer with diabetes. It also contains a lot of carbohydrates which can easily pack on the pounds.

For a more comprehensive list of what’s paleo and not paleo, see our Paleo diet food list. You can also get a more concise version for when you’re going shopping, with our grocery list.

Goat Cheese: Is goat cheese part of the paleo diet?

Due to the listed reasons above, goat cheese is not considered a part of the paleo diet. This also includes other dairy products from goats, as well as cows, including milk.

While goat milk does offer many nutritional benefits, such as providing us with probiotics, calcium, protein, vitamins A and K, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin, they are not Paleo, but are considered Primal.

Due to the differences in cow’s milk and goat’s milk, some paleo followers may opt to eat goat cheese even though it is not an accepted part of the diet.

If you do decide to include goat cheese in your paleo diet, it’s always best to consume organic goat cheese, raw or produced from grass-fed goats. It’s easy to find the more organic goat cheese at fresh markets, co-ops and farmer’s markets.


Goat cheese, along with other cheeses like cheddar, cottage cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella are all not included in the paleo diet. They are part of a bigger group, namely dairy that’s not paleo. This means that if you do on the paleo diet, it isn’t just goat cheese but also all cheese and dairy products like milk, yogurt and ice cream that are not allowed.

If you’re starting out with the paleo diet you may want to try out the Guide to Paleo and check out a good recipe book like those below.

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