Best Blender For Green Smoothies

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Green leafy vegetables are among the healthiest things we can put in our bodies. With the best blender for green smoothies you can squeeze out the most nutrients from these veggies that other food preparation techniques like cooking aren’t able to do.

When choosing these kitchen appliances for making smoothies it is important to understand that not all blending apparatus are created equal, and will not give you equal results. Here we lay out the different products that will let you get the most out of our greens, and classify them by price to help you find one inside of your family’s budget.

Top Choices for the Best Blender for Green Smoothies

The challenge of making green smoothies is having a good powerful blender. The reason this is one of the essential things for green smoothies is you are dealing with stubborn vegetable fibers specially in leafy ones like kale. Also, you’ll probably want to add ice cubes with them. This means your blender will have to deal with both. Powerful blenders will allow you get get smooth consistency in your smoothies without chunks left.

Our top choices for blending green smoothies are the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders. These come with around 1500 watts of power which are capable of not only delivery consistent smoothies each time but can also stand heavy use on a daily basis.

Vitamix TurboBlend

Vitamix TurboBlendThe Vitamix TurboBlend is a two speed blending system that comes with a motor that over 2 horsepower. This allows it to power the ends of the blades to cut through different types of ingredients including frozen berries, ice cubes and leafy greens like kale, broccoli and bok choy.

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend High-Speed Blender

It comes with a large, rugged 64 oz. copolyester jar that’s BPA-free letting you make an entire batch of drinks ranging from fruit and vegetable smoothies to milkshakes. The TurboBlend works not only as a drink maker but also a regular kitchen blender for chopping up ingredients, hot and cold soups and even ice cream.

The TurboBlend is one of the most popular models made by Vitamix due to its consistent power and more affordable price range. It is however, somewhat limited because it only has 2 speed settings, low and high. For most of us this will be sufficient. For cooks and chefs who want more control, Vitamix’s flagship 5200 model may be a better choice.

Check out the Variable Speed Vitamix 5200 for High Performance Blending

The difference between the TurboBlend and the Vitamix 5200 mainly fall in their speed, warranty and price. The TurboBlend comes with 2 speeds (high and low), a 5 year warranty and costs around $90 less than the 5200, which offers users speed variability of up to 10 speed settings and a longer 7 year warranty period.

BlendTec Total Blender

Blendtec BlenderVitamix’s main competitor when it comes to high-performance blenders is Blendtec, namely their TotalBlender model which works really well for green smoothies and other health drinks. A few of the reasons people choose the Blendtec Total Blender over the Vitamix units are preference, cost and size.

Tak a look at the Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender

Both blenders work differently but achieve similar impressive results. The Total Blender comes with more set programmed features which help users simplify the blending process. The control panel is much more intuitive as it comes not only with speed selection control but also has a number of functions set up for you.

You have buttons for making ice cream and frozen yogurts, another for crushing ice and creating milkshakes, one for food condiments like soups, sauces, dips and batter, and two others for juices and smoothies. This allows you to just set the ingredients add ice and press the button you need based on what you’re making.

The Total Blender is equipped with high quality blades carved from stainless steel that are move as fast as 29,000 revolutions per minute. This gives it the ability to crush hard fruits, fibrous vegetables, and ice easily.

Compared to the Vitamix, the Blendtec models are also smaller. While you get the a similar high powered motor and a 64 ounce heavy duty container, the Total Blender is a good 5 inches shorter than its Vitamix counterpart, mainly due to the base of the unit, where the motor is housed. The width and depth of both products are similar, but the height of the Vitamix, at 20.5 inches can make it harder to fit in cabinets or shelves.

Best Green Smoothie Blenders under $100

As much as we love Vitamix and Blentec, they aren’t always the most practical choices due to price. So our best blender for green smoothies review also includes other more inexpensive options so everyone can get their healthy greens in. This section covers those that cost below $100, while the next, between $100 and $200. The difference between the items in this and the next sections mostly belong to one or all three of the following:

  1. Price
  2. Size of Blender and Content
  3. Motor’s Power

As you’d guess, those under $100, will often, but not always come with a less powerful motor and probably smaller jar content.

Oster Counterforms

Oster BVCB07-Z BlenderThe brushed stainless steel body of the Oster Counterforms 7 speed blender ensures it is extremely easy to keep clean. The glass container is dishwasher safe, temperature resistant that has been tested for its resistance to large temperature differentials it also has the advantage of being scratch resistant.

See the Classic Design Oster Counterforms model BVCB07-Z

This Oster offering is American made, and uses an all metal drive that is capable of handling leafy green vegetables to make health drinks. Its motor uses reversible action that moves the stainless steel blades in both forward and reverse directions to help ensure that all ingredients are fully liquidized for a more consistent smoothie. The blending action can be operated manually or you can use the seven pre-programmed functions that have been factory set for user convenience.

Nutri Bullet NBR-12

NutriBullet NBR-12 MixerThis is a 600 watt blender/mixer with two blades and two cups. It is excellent in creating green smoothies as it gives you the choice of size and consistency. The NutriBullet has a unique cutting action using a patented cyclonic action to ensure that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly during the blending process retaining all the nutrients.

Get more details on the Nutri Bullet Compact Mixing Kit

It uses stainless steel blades which help keep the machine rust free. The containers are free of BPA so there is no risk of transfer of any unwelcome additives to your healthy smoothies. The NutriBullet NBR-12 uses its unique emulsifying blade to ensure that the green smoothies incorporate the whole of the grain, vegetable or fruit to gain maximum nutritional value. The body is small enough to be left out on the worktop without being in the way. An excellent all round smoothies maker with a very strong motor.

Ninja QB900B Food Prep Mixing System

Ninja QB900B ProcessorAt under $50, the Ninja QB900B Food Prep Processing unit comes with a large 48 oz. pitcher and a smaller bowl that is able to hold 16 ounces of contents. Unlike the other units in our green smoothie blender reviews, the motor of the QB900B is placed over the pitcher or bowl.

Ninja QB900B Processor and Mixer with Dual Sized Jugs

The positioning of the 400 watt motor allows the blades to reach the ingredients that sit on top of the pile which often get the least attention from the blades which leave them chunky and often less consistent in smoothness.

Best Blender for Green Smoothies under $200

If you’re not ready to splurge on the $300+ high end blenders we mentioned in the first portion of this article, here are some mid-priced blending systems that pack a lot of power (750 watts and above), which will allow you to pulverize ice, fruits, nuts and fresh leafy greens till you get a nice smooth drink consistency.

Ninja BL660 Professional

Ninja BL660 BlenderThe Ninja BL660 Professional Blending System, with its 1100 watts of power, is meant handle all your blending and liquidizing needs. The extra large blending vessel has is resistant to heat, cold and scratching and is also dishwasher safe and means that you can fully use this Ninja offering for not just cold smoothie drinks but also hot soups and sauces.

View user reviews and ratings for the Ninja Professional Blender

Its core motor works by creating a vortex ensuring that all ingredients are brought down to the bottom of the jar so they come in contact with the blades. This make for a smoother puree and a cleaner container that will reduce the amount of cleaning time needed.

The package includes the regular large jug (72 ounces) along with a couple of smaller individual glass servings of 16 ounces each giving you the flexibility to make individual drinks or large batches. All containers are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher and are certified to be free of BPA.

Its powerful action reduces ice to crushed bits in minimum time and the smoothies produced have a superior consistency and include all ingredients, suitably processed into the drink that you are waiting to enjoy.

Breville Hemisphere Blending Solution

Breville HemisphereIf you’re looking for a high-tech unit that helps make the blending process simpler, the best blender for green smoothies could very well be the Breville Hemisphere BBL605XL. This combines modern technology with old fashioned blending, including an digital LCD window on the controls that gives you a countdown to the current process being done.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Multi-purpose Blender

The BBL605XL comes with 5 speed choices each of which labeled with the additional function so you get a hint of what speed works better for which purpose. For example, level 2 is also ideal for chopping while level 4 if you want to liquify the ingredients in the jar.

The bottom of the 6 cup copolyester jar is curved in the shape of bowl whose purpose is to let all the contents slide towards the similarly shaped blades. This allows for a more thorough coverage of all the ingredients. The one added bonus it also has is despite being equipped with a strong 750 watt motor, it is relatively quiet compared to similarly powered blenders.

Oster Versa Professional

Oster VersaLast but definitely not the least is one of the more powerful blenders outside of the Vitamix and Blendtec lineup of products. The Oster Versa is built for the professional kitchen and packed with a 14000 watt motor, that’s very suitable as a green smoothie blender.

Click to view the Oster Versa Blending System

It has an impressive output of 28,000 RPM and has 3 pre-set speeds along with variable control giving instant management of the blending process to produce the smoothest of products, whether you’re churning our drinks, smoothies or prepping food and sauces.

It comes with a cookbook to assist newcomers to the green smoothie users and has a very good 7 year warranty. The powerful motor easily deals with all ingredients especially nuts and seeds which add extra nutrients to your healthy smoothies.


Making Green Smoothies

Still not sure how to make green smoothies? Here’s a video that shows you how to put in the ingredients. It also compares a standard blender with a high powered one so you can see the results each makes.

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