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Blood Pressure Solution Review

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Blood Pressure SolutionSome time ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. To be honest, I didn’t know I had high BP and it was diagnosed by accident when I had to bring my eldest son to the doctor when he injured his leg playing soccer at school.

As part of the doctor’s physical, he checked my son’s height, weight, listened to breathing patterns the stethoscope along with other regular exams.

The doctor did noticed that I had gained a bit of weight since the last time we visited and asked me how was I eating and if I had knew my blood pressure and blood sugar levels were. I admit I’ve gained some weight since having my last child.

I was surprised that the doctor asked me if I wanted to get a blood pressure reading which I thought wouldn’t hurt, so we did. The monitor read 150/90. Since he wasn’t my primary care doctor, he told me that I had high blood pressure and needed to ask my primary about what to do.

He was kind enough to explain things to me and the options I had. But he was clear I needed to do something to lower the levels otherwise it will eventually take a toll on my health in the long term.

What was My High Blood Pressure Solution?

When I went to see my primary physician, we went through a lot of the information about dealing with my condition. He also provided me with pamphlets. But the two most important things he told me was I had a choice of two things. One was I needed to go on medication, and the other was make big changes in lifestyle that I could stay on. He wanted my blood pressure down soon specially after looking at my family history and my dad having heart issues.

Trying Medication First

While it wasn’t what my doctor wanted to hear. I initially opted to take medication. He didn’t want this because of all the side effects and preferred a natural way. But I was a working mom who had to take care of the kids, so taking a pill daily was easier, at least so I thought.

Long story short, I went through a few medications from Calcium Channel Blockers to a couple more, and ended up with a lot of different side effects. One even got me started coughing like I was really sick. I thought I had a flu or bad cold but the doctor knew it the instant I told him. And true enough when I stopped the medication the cough went away.

Now I’m not saying taking high blood pressure medication doesn’t work because it does for a lot of people. For me it was a real headache. It can be very experimental if they medication doesn’t suit you. Also if you’re BP isn’t contained you could end up with a cocktail mixture where you take two or three of them in combination. Basically, my doctor said if you can do in by natural means do so as medicine often come with side effects. I wish I had listened the first time.

Going Natural

So after going back and forth with different BP medications without luck I finally agreed to change lifestyle. For this I did my research and after reading a lot of reviews and forums I decided on the Blood Pressure Solution book. This review is about that book and I’m glad that I did pick this one. I’m sure there are a lot of others that work well but this is what worked for me.

The Blood Pressure Solution is an ebook pdf. I downloaded it and read through it. It explained to me everything I needed to know about my condition and more. I’m actually thankful to it for giving me a kick in the butt to work at it and not be lazy.

The chapter on the hidden dangers and what it can do to your long term health really scared me and I’ll always remember it. This is part of what keeps me in line and has helped me lower my blood pressure readings to 110/70 and maintain it today. Sometimes we need motivation and this was what I needed.

Making the changes wasn’t easy but definitely worth it. I get no more headaches or dizzy spells that bothered me once in a while back then. I always thought those were just migraines or being hungry.

Make small changes so you can maintain them and slowly integrate them into your habits. Doing so makes it easier to make the transition and you won’t want to quit doing them just after a short while.

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The Book’s Contents

Blood Pressure Solution Review

In the ebook, you get it in pdf form. Here is my Blood Pressure Solution review of the book’s contents. The book itself come with 7 chapters. The initial chapters explain blood pressure and give you an idea about the condition. I initially was tempted to skip them but glad I didn’t. The specially remember the chapter on hidden dangers which serves as my motivation to keep on living healthy so I never have to deal with these. I remember when my dad had to go to visits for his heart, not only were some of the procedures and test frightening but they were very expensive. We did have insurance which really helped. And I never wanted to experience any of that ever.

Anyways, here are the essential topics from my point of view.

  1. High BP is a Silent Epidemic – this explains why so many people aren’t aware they have high blood pressure. I doesn’t give you any definitive symptoms, so you don’t know until it’s too late. The good thing is a simple test on the blood pressure monitor will quickly tell you if you have high BP or not. Do it, it takes a few seconds and you’re done.
  2. Hidden Dangers of High BP – this explained the damage of high blood pressure, how it can, if left untreated can destroy your kidneys, damage your heart and your blood vessels. It can also harm your vision.
  3. Understanding Blood Pressure – here the book explains what it is and what level is good and what level is bad, and when you should start to be wary about your BP levels.
  4. Common Causes of High BP – this is another section you shouldn’t skip. Understanding the causes and which ones you have in your life can help you prevent it and avoid those activities. Knowing the root allows you to fix the cause of the problem.
  5. Healthcare’s Answer to High Blood Pressure – while I read this section, it is something that you can opt to skip and come back to in the future at least for me. It’s helpful information but less valuable if you’re trying to treat your blood pressure condition at home.
  6. Simple Strategies You Can Use – by far the most important section and what made me get the book. It is definitely worth it. Here it outlines the different strategies you can take to deal with blood pressure naturally and treat it at home without medication.

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Extra Materials That Are Included

Along with the book pdf version, there are some bonus books that were included.

  1. 21 recipes to lower blood pressure – when starting out looking for tasty recipes was an issue and I was thankful for this one. After a while I knew which ingredients to stay away from and could mix recipes ingredients to form other ones. Definitely helpful when starting off.
  2. 99 foods for blood pressure – one of the most useful books that helped me implement a diet that lowered blood pressure. The list goes through healthy food that help you lower and maintain good blood pressure levels.
  3. How to monitor your blood pressure – the guide shows you how to properly take and monitor your blood pressure. This is simple once you know how.
  4. How to read a food guide – this is actually more of a cheat sheet but very useful specially when I was starting out. Now I have it memorized but I did bring it with me the first few times I went to get grocery when starting out.

Treatments and Solutions for High Blood Pressure

As I mentioned above in the book’s content, this was for me the most important part of the book. It spells out the most important things you can do to naturally lower your blood pressure levels. In the book there are 6. And depending on which ones you don’t do you can make changes in them. The book provides specific examples and explains them in detail.

  1. Eating Better – this was where I made the biggest changes. We used to eat a lot of fast food and processed food because they were fast. But from learning how to read labels I realized they were very bad, high in sodium and fat. Cooking meals at home with less salt makes a huge difference.
  2. Losing Weight / Body Fat – the other culprit of my blood pressure condition was weight. I had gained a bit of weight after each birth of my kids. Losing weight by itself lowers your BP.
  3. Exercise Regularly – for me changing diet and exercise were the biggest factors to lowering my blood pressure levels. You don’t need to workout like athletes, but you should do so regularly. Walking, jogging or even doing house chores for half an hour everyday made a significant impact for me.
  4. Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits – I didn’t smoke and wasn’t a big drinker so this wasn’t a big factor for me. But by ridding your body of some bad habits and the toxins they introduced to your body improves your health.
  5. Reduce Stress in Your Life – when you get stressed your BP can spike. This is never good because spikes in the pressure can harm your blood vessels. Learning meditation and breathing really help calm you down.
  6. Supplements – I chose not to try the supplements though I’ve heard a lot of them work. I stick with my vitamins and calcium which I was taking before.

I Have Normal BP Levels Today

As for the Blood Pressure Solution results, I’m glad that my BP is consistent at 110/70 and has been for a while now. It was a transition period and a lot of discipline to make the changes and stick to them, make no mistake about that. But when I remember the scary diseases that can happen due to high blood pressure, and how being sick can affect my kids, doing the little things consistently isn’t much of a sweat.

The only tip I can give you to get better BP results is make the changes and start slowly. Pick one or two strategies to start, go slow until you develop them as habits and then add bit by bit.

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Blood Pressure Solution Review Summary

To finish, I like the book because it gave me insight and a strategy to follow on what I needed to do. For each treatment strategy I learned what to fix and just had to act on them.

Blood pressure is something that’s actually very easy to treat, but it is important to recognize when you’re at risk at high levels, and know what options to take to make sure it doesn’t stay there too long to cause any long term health problems.

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