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Carb Nite Solution Review

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Carb Nite Solution BookA big part of losing weight and getting in shape comes from what you put in more mouth. In fact I was surprised to learn that what you eat made a much bigger impact compared to how much you worked out.

It is something in the vicinity of 75% what you consume and 25% working out, or thereabouts. So understanding how and what to eat contributes largely to the results you get.

However, for the most of us, this is easier said than done, that’s me included. For a number of years I’ve tried some diets. Some worked better than others. But those that did work they were so difficult to maintain that when I did stop the weight and girth crept back in after a few months.

I read about using low carb diets before but always skipped them because I grew up on rice, bread and noodles. This meant carbs were a staple of my diet. There were only a few meals or food that I’d eat without them.

But after being told by the doctor that I needed to lose more than 20 lbs. or expect to start taking cholesterol medicine soon. I finally gave in.

I was actually introduced to the Carb Nite Solution by a friend of mine who happened to be a fitness instructor. Me on the other hand I’m a regular working guy who’s definition of exercise is a short jog in the park or a pick up game of basketball. So keep than in mind as I go through my Carb Nite Solution review below.


What is the Carb Nite Solution?

The Carb Nite Solution is a low carb diet whose goal is to help you lose weight and the extra width in the stomach and other parts where you don’t want the extra fat. The book comes in a pdf ebook format making it easy to get hold of and search through. The book provides a specific schedule and meal plans on how much carbohydrates you’re allowed to eat and when.

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The Book’s Author

The book was written by John Kiefer who to my surprise was a physicist and not a nutritionist. This isn’t usually who you see writing these types of diet books or meal plans. But that did explain the thoroughness of the research and the way he explains and goes through the information throughout the pdf ebook.

John Kiefer also happens to have written another low carb diet book called Carb Backloading. I did take a brief look at this on and it had some similar principles but the entire process was different. If you want to do a showdown so to speak of the Carb Nite Solution vs. Carb Backloading the two are different in how many times you are allowed to have your carbs. During these periods you’re allowed to take in more than the limited amount. Looking through it seems that the Carb Backloading system looked to be a bit more lenient but my friend suggested I did this to get faster results.

Inside the Carb Nite Solution Book and Program

Here we review what to expect with the Carb Nite Solution.

In the book, Kiefer discusses a lot about the system. It describes that carbohydrates are helps us understand its role in fueling the body and how it is processed. This was eye opening for me because I never really understood these things. This took up about 100 or so pages at the beginning of the book. As much as I wanted to skip and just go to the meat of the system, I’m glad that I took the time to understand the nuts and bolts of the diet plan. This will help me keep the weight off in the future.

The Carb Nite Solution meal plan was simple, but not as I learned isn’t as easy to implement. For most of the days you’ll be eating low carb. This meant limiting the amounts of carbohydrates you consume to 30 grams in total. This is from all the foods. This was difficult for someone like me where a big portion of my meal were carbs. So what my friend suggested that I ‘cheat’ a bit. I started with a larger portion and worked my way down to the 30 grams gradually.

This really did help as the dieting didn’t become difficult, I’m surprised to say. I suggest those who are like me or starting out with low carb diet plans to try doing it this way, gradually. This did however mean that my initial results weren’t as fast or as great as you’d see in other people’s review of the Carb Nite Solution. But it helped me go through the transition easier and I was willing to do it for a longer period of time.

On the 10th day, at dinner, you get to eat a healthy amount of carbs. This was your carb night so to speak.

Recipes and Meal Plans

The other portions of the book included a good number of low carb recipes, snacks and meal plans. The amount of recipes and meal plans offered a lot of options. And you also have a recommend food list so you know what to include in your meals.

If the recipes or dishes included do not appeal to you, you could always get a good low carb book to supplement the food list and meal plans made available in the Carb Nite Solution Book.

My Results

I’m happy say that after 3 months of doing the Carb Nite Solution program that my doctor has given me the green light and I’m within his weight restrictions. I can tell you I look much better with it after losing more than 20 lbs. Though the inches I lost around my waist definitely looked like it was more than the weight I shed.

I’m also happy to say that my body fat percentage is now below 20% and I’m in the normal BMI range for my height.

I’m not a bodybuilder by any means though I do work out a more now. But from what I know my friend puts some of the clients he trains on the Carb Nite Solution every now and then specially when they are in the cutting phase. So I would believe the program does work with bodybuilding.

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Carb Nite Solution Review Summary

John Kiefer’s Carb Nite Solution is a low carb diet plan that’s built to help you lose fat. Done correctly and if you follow the plan, you’ll actually see yourself losing a few pounds in the first week. Make no mistake about it this doesn’t work without you putting in the work.

Discipline is required to stay in the program. Staying with the low carb diet plant isn’t for everyone and more difficult for those like me who have a good portion of their meals from carbohydrates. You can slowly ease into it like I did, but following the restrictions is essential.

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