101 Best Paleo Diet Recipes

Like anyone else, we like searching for the best Paleo diet recipes we can find. While there are some limitations and restricted foods on the diet, I think it really is less of a diet than a lifestyle. As you’ll see below, there are tons of great meals and recipes you can make when on the Paleo diet, so much so that you won’t feel like you’re on a diet at all.


Best Paleo Diet Recipes


Breakfast Recipes


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Detox thumb

21 Day Sugar Detox Review

DetoxLike salt, sugar is one of the things we can do less of. Just think about it. One of the reasons why obesity is on the rise is because not only are we eating and more and more but we’re also putting more and more sugar into our bodies.

Together sugar and salt are responsible for two of the fastest increasing problems which are high blood pressure and diabetes. This is why the more I learn about food, cooking and health, the more I’m convinced that a low sodium or a low sugar diet are things to seriously consider. (more…)

Dessert Angel Recipes

Dessert Angel Review

Healthy Dessert CookbookEveryone loves having that decadent piece of chocolate cake for dessert but the problem of doing that too much is that it can quickly ruin out diet or even worse pack extra inches around our belly. I love desserts as much as the next person and could only wish we could have it more.

That being said, there’s a reason that desserts are often considered a luxury rather than a regular part of the meal. It has to do with the fact that most desserts while very delicious, aren’t too nutritious. Plus they are often packed with more fat and sugar. This makes them the enemy of the belly. (more…)