The Truth About Abs

Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About AbsLet’s face it, all of us like looking good. And one of the best ways to do so is get a flat stomach. It makes us fit better with clothes and when the beach season comes we have no qualms about swimwear.

The problem is though, this is often easier said than done. It’s true that getting a flat stomach or the very much desired six pack abs is not easy. However, like many things in life, knowing the plan of attach makes a lot of things much easier. (more…)

Everyday Roots Book

Everyday Roots Book Review

Natural RemediesAs more and more of our lives are filled with chemicals and commercial products we sometimes thing if there are some ways where we can go back into being more natural. That is, stay away from the products that may be laden with toxins and chemicals and use natural products for the home. This way we have our kids and ourselves from the possible side effects of these toxins. (more…)

Detox thumb

21 Day Sugar Detox Review

DetoxLike salt, sugar is one of the things we can do less of. Just think about it. One of the reasons why obesity is on the rise is because not only are we eating and more and more but we’re also putting more and more sugar into our bodies.

Together sugar and salt are responsible for two of the fastest increasing problems which are high blood pressure and diabetes. This is why the more I learn about food, cooking and health, the more I’m convinced that a low sodium or a low sugar diet are things to seriously consider. (more…)

Panic Button

60 Second Panic Solution Review – Stop Those Panic Attacks

Panic ButtonGrowing up I was always told I had a type A personality. I never really knew what that meant, until a couple or so years ago I finally decided to look it up on the internet. I didn’t need to read much more than a few lines before being able to tell that they are correct on their assessment. I was indeed a type A personality.

I didn’t really bother to read much of the rest of the description but what I could tell from what I did read was that it wasn’t good for your health to be this type of personality. Simply put, I worry about the little things and get stressed out easily. (more…)

Exercise Book

Restore My Blood Sugar Review – A Look at Natural Ways

Restore My Blood Sugar ReviewAlong with high blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugar levels are the two of the most dangerous conditions faced by many people today.

The thing that makes these two conditions dangerous is that unlike other health issues or injuries where you instantly feel pain or other symptoms having high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels often don’t show you any symptoms until they’ve progressed to later stages. (more…)

Visual Impact for Women

Visual Impact for Women Review – Can it Give You that Hollywood Look?

Visual Impact for WomenMany women shun going to the gym for the fear of getting too big. In the same way many women who workout often spend most of their time on cardio machines and light weights for fear that using free weights or heavier ones will make them too bulky and less feminine.

If one of these things have been the reason for keeping you off resistance training then Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women program may be something to look at. (more…)