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Cruise Control Diet Review

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Cruise Control Diet BookWhen it comes to losing weight there are often two trains of thought. One is to lose the weight through dieting and the other is through exercises. Often most programs will promote a combination of the two which has been proven to produce faster gains.

When it comes to dieting, most diets we’ve seen work. True, some work better than others. But in general, you can say majority of the diet plans and programs will help you shed a few pounds at the least. However, it isn’t the losing weight part where most of the problem often lies when it comes to dieting.

It is in fact, the after care. Often after you’ve lost the extra pounds and inches where it becomes difficult to keep your new weight. The reason this often is a problem is most diet plans are very restrictive. You either have to eat very few calories, limit carbohydrates or cut down on certain foods completely.

One diet program that goes against this grain is the Cruise Control Diet. We review the program here to see how it differs from the others and if it is something that you should give a try if you’ve gone through other diets that didn’t work.

What is the Cruise Control Diet?

Our Cruise Control Diet review begins with explaining what it is. To put things simply, it is a program that does not restrict you from calories, or certain foods. The only thing it asks you to do is eat the proper foods, which it calls super foods. Super foods are healthy, natural foods that help your body burn fat instead of making it accumulate fat.

The program’s books provides you with a list of the super foods which are mostly healthy, natural foods that include fruits, vegetables, protein. You use this list as your guide the next time you do your grocery and stock up on them to use for meal preparation.

In short, by eating the right foods when you’re hungry you’ll naturally lose weight. This rids you of limiting carbs, counting calories or starving yourself between meals as some programs do. Because of this you’ll be able to maintain the same eating lifestyle even after you’ve gotten to your target weight, helping you maintain the new, healthier weight.

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Four Basic Principles to Follow

With this diet program, there are 4 basic principles to follow.

  1. Consume foods that are natural. These healthy foods will help your body burn fat instead of storing it.
  2. Stay away from foods that have anything artificial. These also includes those that are packaged and processed. These foods are the opposite of the natural, fat burning foods mentioned in point 1.
  3. Use cheat days or meals. Cheat days and meals allow you stay on the diet/eating lifestyle. So every now and then treat yourself to some of your favorite foods like ice cream and chocolate. Don’t overdo this but space it out. The goal is so you don’t get restricted too much by the diet.
  4. Eat when your body feels it needs to eat. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. This also means don’t restrict yourself or limit portions to sizes smaller than what you need. This will feed your hunger and make you get off the diet eventually.

Inside the Cruise Control Diet Plan

The Cruise Control Diet program consists of 3 main books you can download. They are in PDF format making then quick to get hold of and start reading.

  1. CCD Cook BookJump Start Guide – this is a short guide written in pdf format. The book outlines the entire diet program and what its goals are. It also includes the supermarket food list you can use to know which food to get and which ones to eliminate from your meal plans.
  2. The Core Program – this ebook contains the why’s and how’s of the Cruise Control Diet (CCD). It is over 70 pages long and spread over 14 chapters. The first portion of the book explains the CCD program and what you’re going to do. It also introduced a new food pyramid where you can see what types of foods you should have. What we like about the book is that it explains the why’s to each of the points and doesn’t just list them out for you. The book also carbs and fats, and how they fit into your diet in order to lose weight.
  3. Diet Cookbook – once you’ve understood the underlying reasons of the diet and how the program works, you can use the recipes in the cookbook to prepare your meals. There is a wide range of dishes included in the cookbook including breakfasts ideas, snacks, vegetables, side dishes and main courses.

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Bonus Materials Included in the Package

Also included in the package are 3 bonus ebooks. Of the 3 the first one seems to make the most sense to include in this diet program as it pertains to lowering blood sugar levels which is probably one reason why some individuals would want to go on a diet.

However, the other two, which are about anti-aging and back pain, respectively, I’m not too sure why they are included in this set. They are however free, so I’m not really going to complain.

  1. 22 Tricks To Lower Blood Sugar
  2. Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed
  3. 7 Day Back Pain Cure

What’s Lacking and We’d Like to See Added

  • Addition of exercise recommendations. We’d like to see an exercise routine or program added. It’s true that 80% of weight loss comes from what you eat. But exercise is very important not only for looks and losing weight but also heart health and blood circulation. As a diet program you want to lose weight in a healthy manner.
  • More in depth explanation of meal planning and when to eat. While I understand why the program wants to incorporate a non-restrictive policy. Having more meal plan guidelines than just eat when you feel hungry can really help people stay the course since they have something concrete to follow.

Things We Love About this Diet Program

  • It isn’t difficult to follow. This is by far the biggest draw. It does not restrict you from eating certain foods or limit your consumption. This makes it something people with diabetes or high blood pressure can use to lose weight. Also because it is easier to stay on track with less restriction, you’re less likely to drop the diet after a few months.
  • Promotes eating whole, natural foods. This is the main concept of the diet. By eating natural foods like pork, chicken, fish, nuts and vegetables, you rid yourself of artificial ingredients and toxins they bring. This helps you be healthier as you lose weight.
  • Not only tells you what to do but also explains the why. A lot of the core program book goes through the types of food, and how they affect us. The explanations are very informative and help you understand why you’re doing such a program.
  • Offers a good number of healthy recipes to use. The recipes help you get started and give you an idea of what kinds of foods to use and how they are cooked for the best fat burning results.

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Cruise Control Diet Review Summary

If you’ve had problems in the past sticking to your diet because of all the restrictions, or have regained the weight after pushing yourself dieting, it may be worth giving this program a try. This follows the ‘eat sensibly’ motto, and combines it with a food list where you don’t put foods with excessive amount of calories, fats, sodium or sugar into your mouth.

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