Customized Fat Loss Program

Customized Fat Loss Review

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Fat LossExercise and food affects everyone’s body differently. The changes in one’s physique whether you’re trying to trim your waistline or increase muscle mass will depend on genetics as well as other factors including you metabolism and body makeup.

With that in mind, the Customized Fat Loss program brings something to the table that most other weight loss systems don’t. This is the ability to fit your diet and training to your body.

What is Customized Fat Loss?

The Customized Fat Loss program was developed by Kyle Leon, who’s been in the fitness industry for a while now. He’s graced the covers of some of the well known fitness and muscle magazines and he’s been an athlete for most of his life.

Specializing in nutrition and personal training, he worked out during his younger days to avoid being bullied.

The CFL program as Kyle Leon likes to call it was designed to treat those specific body parts or spots that just wouldn’t lose fat. All of has have these stubborn parts. For some it could be the abs, for others it could be the butt. Each one is different so, everyone’s is different.

What the program does is it lets you review yourself to see what body type you have as well as your metabolism. Every has a specific body type in terms of physiology. This lets you train and eat in a way that’s targeted to give you results.

Aside from body type and metabolism, the review process in the program takes into consideration your height, age and weight among others. This lets you get a very customized plan that’s designed to fit you.

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Customized Fat Loss Program: A Closer Look

All together there are a number of different excellent resources and books that come with the Customized Fat Loss program. Each of them providing value in a different way. These are the most important ones that will help you bring down your weight.

Customized Fat Loss Program

  1. Customized Fat Loss – this gives you an introduction of the program and provides you with some of the basics that will let you use the program effectively. It explains a number of things including the concept of body types.
  2. Guide to Finding Your Somatotype – after the introductory CFL book, the next essential guide to go to is this one. This book lets lists down the different somatotypes, which is a description of body type. Each of us falls into one of the 3 major body types (see below for more information on this), or a combination of 2 of the 3. This determines how our body shape looks as well as the effects of exercise and food are to our bodies. The guide helps you go through some steps to let you figure out which body type you have. This way you can workout and eat for that body type to make better progress.
  3. Training Program – customization stars here. You’ll find different books for men and women. That’s because our bodies are shaped differently, requiring different workout programs. For the type of body you have along with other factors you’ll be able to build your own custom program that will fit your needs.
  4. Supplement Guide – as with most training programs, the CFL program also provides a list of useful supplement to help your body get better results from the exercise routines. Kyle Leon includes some of his supplements so you may or may not get those from him. These are recommendations and there’s no need to purchase this from him if you feel you don’t need them.
  5. Peak in a Week – this is a great add on product at least for me. It is a guide that tells you what you can do when you have a short period of time, in this case a week, to get yourself looking great. This may be for modeling work, the beach, or a photo shoot.

The set in its entirety offers excellent value since you are able to work the program to fit who you are and where you are at this point in life. You’ll be able to download the books to read and go through making easier since you don’t need to deal with shipping. In addition to download of the books above, there are also video demonstrations of the exercises. This makes it easy to follow and learn how to do them correctly.

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Understanding Somatotypes

The start of the Custom Fat Loss program review is based on understanding your body type or which somatotype you fall under. Here’s a brief explanation of the three major types. Keep in mind that all of us fall under one of the three or a combination of the three types below when born. So this is one where you don’t have any power over. Where you do have power over is using proper training and eating that will allow you to get to your goals and achieve good results based on your body type.

  • Ectomorph – you can easily spot ectomorphs due to their thin frame. You belong in this category if you can eat a lot and not gain weight. Typically, an ectomorph has fast metabolism which helps keep them from getting fat. However, it works against them if they want to bulk up, since it takes more food and training to get big.
  • Mesomorph – if strength and size are your main goals, these guys have the biggest advantage. They are built naturally on a large frame, have musculature that lets them be athletic and have bigger muscles. Weight training allows them to make quick muscle gains and they don’t require a ton of cardio to maintain a good weight.
  • Endomorph – this type is the opposite of the ectomorph. The endomorph is more susceptible to gaining weight due to their slower metabolism. This means that more cardio is needed for them to lose weight, while eating can make them gain weight faster than the others.

The 3 types are the main ones. However, a lot of people will fall between the three. If for example, you have a large build, are naturally have good muscle definition but find it hard to gain weight, you fall between a mesomorph and an ectomorph.

Knowing which type of body you are born with will let you customize your meal plans as well as your exercise routine to help you attain your goals faster.

Final Words

All told, this is a very simple program to follow. It is very user friendly and lets you understand the what to do and how to do it. The custom plan to fit your body type offers flexibility and allows you get get better results compared to generic fat burning programs. You do need to work and follow the program to get the results.

image credits: riverofgod

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