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Dessert Angel Review

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Healthy Dessert CookbookEveryone loves having that decadent piece of chocolate cake for dessert but the problem of doing that too much is that it can quickly ruin out diet or even worse pack extra inches around our belly. I love desserts as much as the next person and could only wish we could have it more.

That being said, there’s a reason that desserts are often considered a luxury rather than a regular part of the meal. It has to do with the fact that most desserts while very delicious, aren’t too nutritious. Plus they are often packed with more fat and sugar. This makes them the enemy of the belly.

Here’s where the Dessert Angel comes in. The Dessert Angel is named Helen. I couldn’t find any more details about here so that’s about as much information I can give as far as the author is concerned. More importantly however, the Dessert Angel has come up with here Heavenly Recipes Guide which is a compilation of 78 desserts that are both delicious and healthy.

If you can’t do without having desserts or love having that last delicious plate after your entree is done, then this gives you the chance to do so without the guilt and aftereffects on the waistline.

What is Dessert Angel?

The Dessert Angel is program designed for anyone who’s a fan of having dessert. It helps you enjoy that guilty pleasure without the guilt nor the fattening effects usually associated with the regular sweeter and fat filled desserts.

The dessert recipes in the book are make to be low in sugar, fat and also in calories. For each of the healthy dessert recipes you’ll see the nutritional information so you’ll know how much fat, fiber, sugar, protein and calories you’re having. This helps those who are counting their calories too. In some recipes I did notice that the fat content were a bit higher than those in regular dessert alternatives. However, after some digging I did notice that these were good fats in the form of ingredients like nuts, olive oil and other similar items.

–>> Click to see the Dessert Angel’s Healthy Recipes Guide


Dessert Angel Cookbook Details

To go further in our Dessert Angel review, what you get is a 3 set ebook package that can be downloaded immediately after you’re purchased it. This saves you on both time and shipping costs.

Included in the complete package set are:

1. The Dessert Angel Heavenly Recipes Guide

This is the main cookbook with all the recipes and ingredient lists. Included are the food lists that you can prepare for you, your family and your guests. All together, there are 78 recipes available. They are divided into different sections so you have options and variety when it comes of preparing healthier desserts. These are:

Dessert Angel Recipes

  • Bars and Squares – these include brownies and other pieces that are a bit larger than bit sized and come in the shape of bars or squares. They are easy to eat with one hand and can be served during parties.
  • Itty Bitty Bites – similar to the squares but are smaller. These are made to be bite sized pieces that people can easily enjoy even during stand up occasions.
  • Pies – everybody loves pies. For special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, being able to bake a delicious, and healthy pie after that heavy meal lets you be able to to enjoy dessert with less guilt.
  • Mousse, Pudding and Ice Cream – while often heavy and calorie-laden, you get better, healthier options here.
  • Cakes – wouldn’t it be great to be able to bake your own cakes for those memorable occasions. With the book you’ll be able to make sure that it’s healthy too.
  • Toppings – the best part of the cakes. These offer a healthier alternative to the heavy frosting or fat filled chocolate toppings.
  • Cookies – excellent for giving away, or snacks. Cookies are addictive and being able to control the ingredients that go in them while keeping them tasty often don’t come together.
  • Hot Drinks and Ice Shakes – these are refreshments for those very warm or very cold days.

Another aspect of this healthy desserts cookbook is that it caters to different eating styles preferences that you may be following. Within the recipe book, there are:

  • Gluten free desserts
  • Vegan desserts that don’t include eggs nor dairy
  • Low carb desserts for those who are on carb diets
  • Nut free desserts for those with allergies

2. Dessert Angel Nutrition Guide

The second component of this healthy dessert program set is its nutritional guide. This one is designed to help you lose weight and keep it from coming back.

In this 54 page guide, the you are given a list of what she calls SINgredients. These are ingredients that are sinful. By avoiding the use of these SINgredients in your recipes and desserts you’ll be able to avoid the extra grams of sugar and fat that are harmful to your health and diet.

The book also includes what’s called Divine Ingredients. These are the opposite of the sin ingredients and are good for you. They help promote your energy and also help you slim down.

A few other health tips for dieting are also included in the this ebook.

3. Kitchen Checklist

The final component of the package is the kitchen checklist. This is a list of things to get and stock your kitchen and pantry with. They are healthy, promote fat burning and allow you to create the desserts listed out in the recipes book.

–>> Check out the entire Dessert Angel package here


Dessert Angel Review Summary

Health desserts are two words that you won’t hear put together often. That’s because most common tasty desserts are guilty pleasures laden with sugar, fat and loaded with calories. The Dessert Angel recipe cookbook gives us a new look at making healthier, nutritious desserts that we can eat and not worry about packing in the pounds.

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