Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat BookEat Stop Eat is a weight loss program that focuses on short term fasting, more specifically intermittent fasting. In this type of program, the system of dieting revolves around not taking in food at intermittent or short periods of time.

So instead of having to restrict what you eat and how much you eat on a daily basis like most diets do, you are able to enjoy regular meals with whatever you want to eat during the times that you aren’t fasting.

By doing intermittent periods of fasting you leave yourself at a caloric deficit. The lower amount of calories to eat thanks to the time you kept yourself from eating helps you lose the extra weight or inches.

As a rule, 3500 calories are needed to lose 1 pound. So if your goal is to lose 1 pound a week, this means either working out to burn off an extra 500 calories, or eating so you consume 500 less calories daily or a combination of both to get the 500 calorie goal. In 7 days, you would have 3500 less calories than you normally would making for a weight loss of one pound.

My Eat Stop Eat Review and Results

In this Eat Stop Eat review I go back and look at everything I’ve learned about the program through its book, which is a pdf download by the way, along with the other things like what I like, had trouble with and my weight loss.

A few years after I began working I noticed that I had gains a lot of what I would call ‘desk weight’. That’s extra pounds because of sitting on the desk in front of the computer all day. I was more active back in college so weight was never an issue and I thought it never would be. But I was definitely wrong, at least according to my bathroom scale and my growing belly.

Before Eat Stop Eat I had tried a number of different diets. The first one of which was the regular eat smaller portions. This did work until it became unbearable after a while. I did try a few more fad diets but the big issues there were when I was done I see myself gaining the weight back which was frustrating.

A few months back a friend told me about intermittent fasting. At this point I was kind of willing to try almost anything. After I read a lot of different methods and reviews online I finally decided on Eat Stop Eat. It took me a while to get myself to start because I had doubts and also wanted to read through the entire book first to see if this was just another scam.

My Results

I’m happy to say that trying out this program worked out well. In the first month I lost just over 10 lbs. and close to 2.5 inches in my waistline. The second month was almost as good, at just under 9 lbs. The difference in my before and after looks were significant.

Keep in mind that during this time I did continue working out and exercising which I started a few years back. The great thing about losing the extra weight is that you see the muscles now. I can see abs which were always covered by the extra flab. The weight lifting finally pays off. Lesson here, you can lift all you want, but until you lose the fat the muscles won’t show.

I would believe that if you’re into bodybuilding this would be a good complement to the weight training regimen.

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What I Like About the Eat Stop Eat Program

Unlike the other diets I’ve tried I did much better with ESE because I had more energy and it didn’t interfere with my life. In the past when I did the smaller meals and eating less daily to reduce calorie intake, I’d always end up hungry. When I was on these, I didn’t have as much energy as I normally would and felt cranky at time. In the end I gave in to big meals which sabotaged week and weeks of effort.

Then there was calorie counting. For me that was the worse. I hated have to compute the food, how much to eat and what to eat. It was a lot of extra effort.

ESE for me solved a lot of the problems I faced before. It gave me the flexibility to eat normally and foods that I enjoyed eating. I didn’t have the make any tedious computations or scheduling. And most importantly I felt good, didn’t have food on my mind, lost the weight and didn’t gain it back.

Things to Consider Before Staring the Program

This is not for everyone. It’s true that you’ll see a weight difference in the first days you do it. In fact many people show weight loss after the first day with Eat Stop Eat, reviews will prove that. The thing is you have be able to commit yourself to the short periods of fasting. Some people prefer lowering a few calories daily to doing fasts, so you have to know what fits you.

Also, before doing any type of diet or fasting, make sure you don’t have any health issues that may jeopardize your health. Always consult a doctor if you’re unsure.

Now this isn’t a magic bullet. So don’t think you can do can eat a whole cake or splurge on fatty foods just because you’re doing intermittent fasting. It still means you eat sensibly, which is your regular meals without adding tons of fatty or sugary foods. So it still requires eating well and everything in moderation.

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Who is Brad Pilon, Author of Eat Stop Eat?

Brad Pilon wrote Eat Stop Eat after having years of extensive research on nutrition and fat loss. He has been into bodybuilding since he was young and graduated university with honors in Applied Human Nutrition. He also spent time in the health and fitness industry spending time with well known bodybuilders.

Dealing with bodybuilding and the need to looked ripped, he returned back to research to figure out how metabolism and protein synthesis worked. This led this to short term fasting and its benefits on weight loss and metabolism.

The goal of Eat Stop Eat is to let people lose unwanted or stubborn fat and be able to gain muscle, assuming your workout, without all the hassles and difficulties that many other diet programs have.

What’s in the PDF E-Book Download?

The Eat Stop Eat ebook is more than 200 pages in pdf format that you can download. This makes it easy to get hold of and not have to wait weeks for deliver due to shipping.

If you’re wondering how Eat Stop Eat works and what benefits it has as well as how intermittent fasting affects the human body, fat loss, our minds and muscles, the book covers each of those topics in separate detailed chapters.

It contains a lot of scientific research and Brad Pilon goes through the explanations of different things. Basically, you get to know the “How’s” and “Why’s” of everything so you don’t go in blindly.

Eat Stop Eat Package

The Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss Program in Summary

In summary, the Eat Stop Eat program works for both men and women. You would easily guess that I would recommend it because it worked for me. More specifically it worked for me because I did not have to eat special foods, supplements or limit any of my regular food or ones I like to eat.

It also let me schedule more easily and didn’t leave me hungry or craving for any food. While there is a lot of flexibility in the program, it takes work and you have to keep yourself committed. So it isn’t an automatic weight loss system where you just sit back and do nothing.

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