Fat Loss Factor Program

Fat Loss Factor Review

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Fat Loss Factor ProgramWe’d all like to lose some fat whether it is in our belly, arms or legs. Let’s face it, staying in shape has become much more difficult in the digital age because we get to do everything sitting down.

We sit behind our computers, read our tablet and phones in bed or resting on the couch. Gone are the days when physical activity made up most of the day since a lot of the things around us today are electronic.

If you’re looking to lose some extra weight and are willing to change your eating habits to do so then our Fat Loss Factor review may be just what you’re looking for.

This is a weight loss program that takes you through the different steps so you can turn your diet around and make it work for you to get the results you want.

What is the Fat Loss Factor Program?

The Fat Loss Factor system is a weight loss program that comes in a collection of ebooks. It’s quite a comprehensive program that covers mainly a healthy diet that will help you burn the excess fat. But as with the best diet programs you’ll want to workout. For those who aren’t too excited about exercising, the good news is to lose weight you don’t need to spend hours on the gym or on a treadmill, making sure you get consistent regular exercises is the key. The program gives you a number of short, effective workout routines that will complement your reformed eating habits to help shed off the extra inches.

To do so, the books cover how getting rid of the toxins from your diet and eventually from your body’s system help remove extra fat. Also, replacing those with good things like fiber and other healthy nutrients help your metabolism so that it works in your favor.

This program was created by Dr. Charles Livingston who also happens to be the author of the Cellulite Factor.

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Starting the Program

Before starting the program you’ll want to get some basic things and be properly prepared for it. The most important of which is your mindset. Keep in mind that this isn’t a quick fix thing. You don’t do it for a week and lose 20 lbs. Also, be reminded that consistency is key, and being able to follow the diet, the ingredients and recipes are essential for success and results. If you keep cheating on meals, it won’t work.

As with other diets, you’ll want to keep a record of your starting point as well as milestones along the way. For this you’ll want to:

  1. Get a journal. Keep track of your progress and write down notes of what you did. This will let you go back and see which activities, foods or dishes work best for you.
  2. Measure yourself and your statistics before starting the Fat Loss Factor. Start by using a weighing scale and get your current weight. A measure tape also helps. Use it to measure your waist, chest, arms, hips and legs.
  3. Finally if you want images, a digital camera will come in handy for before and after shots.

Keep track of these things when you start, and do this on regular intervals when dieting so you know if it is working or if you should make changes along the way.

The last thing before beginning the system is read through the material thoroughly. There are a lot of books included in the package so you’ll want to focus on those that require reading. Organize things so that you have things ready, like the grocery lists that’s provided so you know what to get when you reach the supermarket.

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Fat Loss Factor Package Contents

As mentioned the entire package is a collection of pdf ebooks that you can download. This makes it easy to keep track of things and

Reading Materials, Software and Videos

  • FLF Complete SetFat Loss Factor Guide – the guide covers the different aspects of the entire system. It tells you how the system works and puts all the different components together. Also included in the book are the basic principles by which the program is built upon. Following these 11 principles you’ll be able to get healthier and lose weight. Some of these principles are commonly known like exercising and drinking the right amounts of water. Others are often overlooked and forgotten like how de-stressing and the importance of the mind in weight loss, as well as proper breathing and sleep.
  • Liver and Body Cleansing videos – these videos relieve you from having to read things. They show you how to properly do the cleanse as they actually do it in their kitchen going through the process. Cleansing helps rid toxins that will let you lose weight.
  • Foojoo Fast Food Software – the software is one of the most useful things that’s included in the package, at least for me. It gives you a long list of restaurants and their menus. Included are the nutritional data and their ratings for the different food there. This will let you research beforehand which outlets to go to and what are the best foods to order there to keep you on your diet.

To Do / To Follow Lists

  • Grocery List – this makes shopping for grocery much simpler. Everything has been put in paper so you don’t need to figure out which items to pick up that fits into the diet plan.
  • Weight Loss Exercises – composed of three different instructional manuals. There is a guide for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. The steps to the exercises are laid out to follow.
  • Sample Workout Routines – included are short 15 minute workout programs that you can follow. This gives you a starter set to do.

Forms and Guides

  • Goal Setting Guide – this simple instruction manual helps you stay on course to reach your goals and results. It is made up of questions you answer so you know what to do next.
  • Body Measurements Sheet – to keep track of your body’s physical changes and results gained, the forms let you record the starting point and results later on.
  • Exercise Log and Food Diary – jot down what you’re eating daily for every meal as well as the exercises you do for each workout session in these forms.

Support Information

  • Email Coaching – included in the package is a 12 month support module that lets you email Dr. Charles for any questions, issues you may be having with the program or help with it. This comes free with the subscription.

–>> Check out the Fat Loss Factor system website here


Our Fat Loss Factor Review


  • We like how complete the program is and the different methods of delivery. Included are videos, instructions of the exercises to do, and even a grocery list.
  • We also like how Dr. Charles goes to explain why you’re doing each of the parts. Often you’ll see people just tell you do this or do that. Here there’s a practical explanation for each of the things to do.
  • The fast food software. We really like this as it takes the guesswork out of eating out. This helps you stay on course even when you dine out.
  • Things are very well organized and easy to follow. The books are placed by topic and they can easily be followed even if this is your first time dieting.


  • There are a number of promotional stuff included in some of the books. We’re often wary when we see this because the author may just be out hawking his wares or just looking to make money off the program.
  • In the main book, it would be great to have some chapters and sections. This makes it easier to read and see where one topic ends and another one begins.
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