Guilt Free Desserts Book

Guilt Free Desserts Review – Enjoying Desserts Without the Guilt

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Guilt Free Desserts BookWhat if you could have healthy, decadent desserts that not only tasted delicious but also didn’t come with all the fat and unhealthy sugar? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it apparently isn’t.

Kelley Herring, the founder of Healing Gourmet has compiled a set of healthy desserts that are designed to let you enjoy them without the guilt. In her dessert recipe book, she offers a large collection of mouth watering dessert dishes you can prepare using healthy ingredients. This lets you prepared them without the usual refined flour and sugar that can negatively affect our health.

What is Guilt Free Desserts?

Guilt Free Desserts is a recipe cookbook that is made to be both educational and useful. It comes with a a lot of healthy dessert recipes, 50 of them to be exact and these fall under the following criteria:

  • Healthy ingredients are used
  • They are not fattening
  • Some of the recipes are gluten free desserts
  • Many are diabetic safe dessert recipes

The recipe cookbook covers a lot of different tasty dishes including Blueberry Muffins, Primal Protein Brownies, Cherry Almond Tarts and Chocolate Rum Balls.

The key to the recipes is that they do not make use of the many healthy ingredients that are often found in common commercial desserts. Not included are ingredients like refined flour, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Instead healthier natural ingredients are used in their place. This makes the dessert low in fat and low in sugar. Two things that we fear most from these delicious treats.

–> Click here to see the dessert recipe cookbook and start baking your own healthy desserts


Who Created this Dessert Recipe Book?

As mentioned above, Kelley Herring created and is currently the CEO of Healing Gourmet. The company’s specialty is creating and designing meal plans that promote weight loss and are healthy. She has also written a number of books on healthy eating that are geared towards preventing diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and cancer.

What is the Guilt-Free Desserts Book About?

The problem with commercial products is that many of them are labeled for advertising. We see a lot of products on the grocery aisles labeled as “Less Fat” and “Less Sugar”. But if you look at the exact figures, the amounts are still quite substantial. Also you need to scrutinize the food labels to make sure you’re getting the ingredients you want or avoiding those that you don’t. Otherwise you end up with unhealthy food packed with artificial sweeteners or flavoring.

Guilt Free Desserts eliminates all the reading and even guessing. It lays out the ingredients you want to avoid or replace and which healthier alternatives to use for your dessert recipes. This way you can enjoy your cakes, muffins, pastries and other decadent desserts without the high fat, or high sugar content.

Dessert RecipesRecipes in the book include some of the favorite types of desserts including:

  • Cupcakes
  • Souffles
  • Muffins
  • Mousse
  • Cookies
  • Crackers
  • Frosting
  • Ice Cream
  • Macaroons
  • Bagels

Learn to Make Your Own Healthy Desserts

The cookbook also educates us about finding healthier alternative ingredients to the more common unhealthier ones. In the start of the book, Kelley covers the different things we can use to substitute the flour, fat and sugars with.

She puts importance in ingredients being organic and low glycemic. She also uses healthy fats in place of the unhealthier ones.

We found the list of good ingredients really helpful as this makes all the difference in the calorie counts, fat and sugar contents of what we eventually put in our mouths. This for us was particular useful because aside from providing us with just recipes it allows us to create our own based on these ingredients.

Towards the end of the first section, we are also given a list of the brands available for each of these healthier ingredient alternatives and where they are available which does save us time from having to search.

Gourmet Delights

Some Important Things We Learned

Among the most important things we learned from this dessert cookbook included:

What are the Natural Sweeteners We Can Use

Sugars are a big part of the desserts. They are what make them so delicious. But if you get the chance to see bakers bake a cake or other pastries you’ll notice they don’t use spoonfuls but larger scoops of sugar. This is what makes desserts fattening and just as importantly harmful to our blood sugar levels because it makes them abruptly spike up.

Instead the book offers a number of healthier sweet alternatives you can use. This lets you have a healthier yet sweet dessert that has a low glycemic index. This means it isn’t as harmful to our blood sugar levels. More importantly you get the same sweet decadent taste, caramelization and crunch that sugar often brings to desserts.

Using Whole Grains & Staying Gluten Free

Just like sugar, flour is used in large batches when creating desserts. But instead of using the white refined flours, there are a number of other substitutes that are healthier and gluten-free. This will help you stay away from the fat and extra carbs included in white flour.

Using Healthy Fats

Making use of healthier fats will let you enjoy your desserts without the extra guilt. Doing so will let you enjoy the flavor they impart without the extra weight gain or health problems that unhealthy fats bring with them.

–>> Click here to view the Low Fat, Diabetic Safe, Gluten Free Desserts in the Cookbook


Additional Bonus Material

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  2. Bonus 2: Copycat Girl Scout Cookies

Our Review of this Dessert Recipe Cook Book


  • Some of the ingredients are not available in your local supermarkets. For some of the organic and specialty ingredients, you’ll need to get from gourmet or health groceries.
  • While healthier, you need to remind yourself that they are still desserts. Because they taste good you may forget that eating a lot of them, even though they are healthier and low in fat, calories and sugar, will still add up.


  • The book offers a lot of tasty dessert recipes that are low in fat, sugar and calories. They are good for diabetics and those looking for some gluten free desserts.
  • The ingredients used are organic, and the cookbook substitutes the unhealthier ingredient for healthier ones.
  • You learn a lot because it educates you on which are the bad ingredients found in common desserts and what you can use to replace them. It focuses on the sugars, refined flour, and unhealthy fats. Them gives us a list of what to use instead.
  • Teaching us what ingredients to use in place of the unhealthier ones allows us to create our own desserts around healthier ingredients.
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