28 Great Paleo Breakfasts to Start Your Day

Paleo Breakfasts

Starting out a good day means getting delicious paleo breakfasts that will keep your nourished, well fed and filled with energy to tackle on whatever the day brings. If you’re just starting out on the Paleo diet making meals that aren’t just purely meat or vegetables may seem difficult but really just needs some getting used to. These are some great paleo breakfast ideas that will get your morning started out on the right foot.

1. Paleo Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Blueberry muffins, yum! As great as they taste and lovely as they look, they are made from grain and contain loads of sugar when you get them commercially. In search of muffins that are made from real food, these Paleo Blueberry Muffins take out all the artificial flavoring, sugar and grains from the recipe and replace them with Paleo approved foods.

2. Squash Blossom and Zucchini Frittata

If you feel like eggs for breakfast, this squash blossom and zucchini frittata gives you your share of protein from the eggs, and veggies from the squash blossoms and zucchini. This is one breakfast recipe you’ll want to have on days you need extra energy for work or school. What’s great about frittata is that you make one batch and it feeds everyone.

3. Breakfast Burrito

Burritos aren’t part of the paleo diet because it contains a few ingredients that aren’t allowed. But if you want your burrito fix, this breakfast recipe uses eggs as the wrap and does without the beans to make it Paleo friendly. You still enjoy your favorite fillings like ground beef or chicken along with the peppers and tomatoes.

4. Paleo Porridge

For those who don’t like to spend a lot of time preparing their breakfast or for days when you just need to get out of the house quickly because you’re running late, this porridge recipe takes 7 minutes or less to make. It’s very simple, has only handful ingredients and will make breakfast a breeze to make even if you have little kitchen experience.

5. Spinach and Chorizo Frittata

For a nice hearty breakfast meal, this spinach and chorizo frittata offers flavor and contrast. Chorizo is a Spanish sausage that has its own delicious taste. Together they mix well with the eggs making for a complete breakfast.

If you’re on the Paleo diet, you’ll want to substitute the milk and cheese, with paleo approved ingredients. Both are there to add fullness to the dish.

6. The Perfect Paleo Biscuit

The name itself says it all. These are wonderfully delicious treats that normally you wouldn’t be able to enjoy while on the Paleo diet. However, by using alternatives to baking products that are not Paleo approved, it comes out great. The keys to making this paleo are the almond flour and coconut flour.

7. Machacado Con Huevos

For a little bit of Tex-Mex try this breakfast recipe. This breakfast is something that you can put together and enjoy without having a ton of cooking know-how. It also has provisions for heat, so if you like it hot you can add jalapenos to the dish, even if it already includes some chili powder.

Paleo Cinnamon Cereal

photo credit: A Girl Worth Saving

8. Paleo Cinnamon Square Crunch Cereal

Store bought cereals are one of the biggest breakfast foods that are not allowed under the paleo diet. Actually the milk and cereal breakfast we grew up on are both out. So, to recreate the crunchiness of cereal, enter these Cinnamon Square Crunch Cereal,

By using a food processor on coconut shreds along with sunflower seeds and chia seeds you get small squares that become crunchy cereals after they’ve spent some time in the oven.

9. Paleo Morning Glory Muffins

So you’re wondering what in something called Paleo Morning Glory Muffins. Well, its got walnuts, carrots, raisins and sweet potatoes that make up the contents. It also includes cinnamon, vanilla extract and honey to give it its distinct flavor.

10. Banana And Cream “Oatmeal”

Since we can’t use oats in our oatmeal, this recipe finds a really creative way to create oatmeal using bananas. Not only is it super creative but it also makes use of something that we all love to eat. When you’ve made the “oatmeal” you can top it with your favorite toppings like blueberries, or sprinkle a bit of cinnamon just as you would regular oatmeal.

11. Inside Out Scotch Eggs

Sausage, good. Eggs, good. Avocado, great! This is a baked recipe where the egg beautifully sits atop a small mound of ground sausage. The tricky part of the this recipe is figuring our the proper timing for the oven.

Let’s face it we all like our eggs different, with some more runny than others. And you want to make sure that the oven time cooks the egg just right as well as the ground sausage to your liking. But the practice is well worth the taste of this breakfast.

12. Grain-Free Apple Pie Pancakes

Just because regular flour pancakes aren’t paleo does not mean that you have to miss pancakes all together while you’re on the paleo diet. All you have to do is find a workaround to it.

This Apple Pie Pancakes is grain free and uses coconut flour instead. It also lets you use milk that’s paleo friendly so you stay within the guidelines of the diet while enjoying your breakfast.

The mixture of apples, cinnamon, honey and maple syrup make this a flavorful breakfast treat that’s nice to enjoy on a lazy weekend morning.

13. Twice Baked Breakfast Sweet Potatoes

This is one of the tastiest breakfasts you can find. It’s also great if you want something that will give you more energy to start your day. The egg and bacon chips garnish the baked sweet potatoes giving you that extra flavor and crunch to the potatoes.

14.Paleo Breakfast Muffins

No grains, no problem. These breakfast muffins are grain free and sugar free making them suitable for any paleo advocate. You can eat them right at the breakfast table or pack them up in a ziploc bag and take them to go.

Sausage and Sweets Breakfast Bowl

photo credit: Mangia Paleo

15. Sausage and Sweets Breakfast Bowl

So what’s in a sausage and sweets breakfast bowl? Well obviously the sausage for one. What makes it sweet are the apples, maple syrup and onion primarily though the sweet potatoes also contribute a bit.

This is a nice breakfast mash-up that looks so pretty on the breakfast table because of all the colors. And you can take your time with each scoop while reading the morning papers.

16. Poached Eggs w/Tomato, Avocado & Basil

Simple, easy to make yet wonderful. Combining the eggs with avocado gives you a lot of nutrients just from those two ingredients. Plus, they taste good together. This is we can all make for our morning meal without having to worry about messing it up. Though poaching eggs can sometimes be tricky if you don’t give it the proper attention it needs.

17. Sweet Potato Walnut Breakfast Cookies

These cookies can serve as a snack or for breakfast. What makes them so great is that they’re much healthier than the commercially made cookies that we normally buy in packages. Out are the white flour and sugar and in comes some really healthy ingredients like cranberries, walnuts and cinnamon.

You can eat them right there or take them with your for a quick snack or to give to friends and co-workers too.

18. Paleo Breakfast Sandwich

Because they’re made from grain, white bread, whole wheat bread and all the other artisan breads aren’t available while you’re following paleo. If you need your sandwich fix this is something that you can enjoy and also use to sandwich other foods in place of bread. That way you can go back to enjoying chicken, turkey or beef sandwiches.

19. BLT Breakfast Salad

If you like BLT sandwiches how about a BLT salad? It’s very healthy, light and delicious. It’s also simple to make and doesn’t take a whole lot of preparation. To make the salad a complete breakfast, an egg and avocado are added to the mix providing protein and healthy fats to round up the greens.

20. Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash

This is one of the foods that shows me how confusing kids can be. If I serve brussels sprouts with any other meal, they avoid it like it will kill them. But cook brussels sprouts this way in a has with these ingredients, and they clean the plate in record time. What gives?

21. Avocado BLT Egg Salad

This salad can be served for breakfast or lunch, or brunch even during the weekends. It brings together the bacon, lettuce and tomato in BLT with avocado in an egg salad. It tastes great and includes the protein from the eggs and good fats from the avocado. This is one meal where putting together many different things we like works.

22. Breakfast Burger

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast that won’t make you feel hungry and craving food by 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning try this breakfast burger. To add icing to the cake, the recipe also adds a sunny side up egg on top whose yolk will flow over the burger the very moment you break it open.

23. Ultimate Breakfast Cookie

We all love cookies because they’re delicious, to make them paleo, we need to make them dairy, grain and sugar free too. This Ultimate Cookie goes even further by removing the egg component too, not to mention gluten free.

If you’re allergic to nuts, no problem. There’s a nut-free option that will let you enjoy the treats without risking the fear of any allergic reaction.

Paleo Biscuits 1

photo credit: My Natural Family

24. Paleo Biscuits

Light and fluffy are two words that quickly describe these biscuits. It uses a combination of three different paleo friendly flours to get this texture and level of fluffiness. They’re delicious on their own and you can enjoy them while their hot. You can also pair them up with your favorite jam or topping to score some variety.

25. Plantain-Chia Seed Breakfast Cookies

Plantains and chia seeds are two foods that are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. To make these cookies paleo friendly, the grains and sugar are taken out of the ingredients list and replaced with much healthier options that are easier for our bodies to process.

If you’ve never tasted plantains this is one recipe to try them in. While they’re often associated with bananas, they’re quite different when it comes to taste.

26. Mini Mediterranean Gluten Free Quiche

Regular quiche is not paleo. But this gluten free version of it is. To do so it uses different paleo approved ingredients to create the crust. The inspiration of this quiche is Mediterranean thanks to the red olives, sun dried tomatoes and spinach that make up the filling.

27. Paleo Banana Carrot Breakfast Muffins

This is a crowd pleaser that will let you skip having to go to the bakery to pick up muffins. The natural sweet flavors of the banana and carrot mix wonderfully making it hard to put down after the first bite.

While the carrots and banana take center stage, you’ll also get to feel a few chewy bits of nuts since there are chopped nuts included in them. You can of course choose which of your favorites nuts or mix of nuts to fold into the muffings.

28. No Bread Bacon and Egg Sandwich

If you’re trying to cut down the amount of carbs in your diet, this paleo sandwich uses the egg to replace the bread. It is a good way to cutting down the level of cabs eaten and still enjoy a satisfying sandwich meal. Make this for breakfast and cook the eggs to the doneness of your liking.

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