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Paleo Leap Cookbook Review

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Paleo Recipe BookThe Paleo diet is one of the most popular diets around because helps us go back to healthier foods. By eating natural foods and shying away from those can include additives, preservatives and allergens, our body experiences less inflammation and we feel better, lose weight and are healthier. For the most part though, people are flocking to this diet because it is a great way to lose weight naturally.

The Paleo diet however, isn’t for everyone. It takes changes in lifestyle and you’ll want to learn how to properly prepare food so it is tasty. That in itself can be challenge. The other thing I found with the diet is when dining out, you’ll often want to know ahead of time where you’re going and what meals are available in that establishment or restaurant you’re going to eat. There’s no guarantee they follow or will accommodate certain dietary restriction though some do.

For the most part, diets fail because of one of two things. One, it may be too restrictive such that some people may not be able to keep going it for prolonged periods of time. On the other hand, many diets fail because they don’t have enough tasty meals available. Following bland meal after bland meal is one quick way of driving people away.

To give yourself a fighting chance with the Paleo diet, our Paleo Leap review takes a closer look at what I’ve found to be the best cookbook for those who are looking to get into the Paleo lifestyle. At least that’s my opinion. I’m sure others will disagree.

Inside the Paleo Leap Recipes Book

The Paleo Leap Cookbook is a collection of recipes that follow the Paleo diet guidelines. They are build on a few principles which I really made sense to me, which was the initial reason I got the book. These were:

  1. The meals are simple to prepare even for those with little cooking experience.
  2. The meals had to be tasty. After all, what’s the use of getting a cookbook if the dishes don’t taste good. I might as well have created them myself if that was the goal.
  3. There’s a wide variety of options available. I wanted to be able to enjoy fish, chicken and salads. But for my family, I needed to be able to offer a larger variety for their tastes.

The recipe and cookbook is a big one, close to 400 pages long. All together including the bonus materials where you have desserts and quick meals, there are over 350 different recipes.

–>> Click here to go see the Paleo Leap Cook Book and its recipes


Sections I Like the Most

  • Recipes – of course! Well, this is a no-brainer, specially with more than 370 Paleo recipes in there. That’s why I got the cookbook, right. The recipes make up majority of the book and I’m happy with that. I was glad to see that the dishes were easy to make. However, there were a number of dishes where you needed a bit more time for prep. If you’re short on time you can skip those or keep those for weekends when you’re free, at least that’s what I did. But in general, I’m happy with how the dishes came out and more importantly how well they tasted.
  • Paleo Food List – this was a struggle to figure out when I was getting started and I was very relieved when they listed everything there. I doubt that that’s all that’s available to the diet, but most of it is there and it’s more than I need, so I’m happy. It really made life easier.
  • Cook Time Charts and Meat Doneness Charts – because I’m not that great a cook even after having done it for a few years now. I really like being able to see exact times. These two guides really help me since I’m not the expert chef you can estimate amount and time without measuring or using a timer or clock.
  • Understanding Good Fats – I always had an issue with this and couldn’t really tell which to avoid and which were healthy. This cleared things up and helped me change my pantry.
  • Finding Food Online – I found this quite useful since you know where to look instead of spending lots of time searching and ending up nowhere.

Many Categories of Dishes Available

Paleo Leap Meal PlanPart of the reason I got the book was it not only had a good number of recipes but also offered a wide variety of dished to cook. I wanted to be able to cook different meals and try out foods of different types.

For those who aren’t sure if the food type they like is included or not, here’s a list. This way you can tell if what you’re looking for is included or not.

  1. poultry
  2. pork
  3. fish
  4. red meat
  5. vegetables & sides
  6. shellfish & seafood
  7. breakfast & desserts
  8. snacks
  9. salads
  10. eggs & omelet
  11. stir fried meals
  12. stews & curries
  13. soups & stocks
  14. dip & condiments
  15. vinaigrette, marinades & sauces
  16. smoothies
  17. organ meats
  18. fermented vegetables

–>> Click here to go get the Paleo Recipe Book and start cooking healthier


Bonus Materials Included in the Set

Along with the main Paleo Leap Cookbook are six other books that are included in the set. These are the bonus books.

  • 8 week meal plan
  • Paleo Desserts
  • Quick & simple paleo meals
  • Herbs & spices
  • Paleo troubleshooting guide
  • Cheat sheets

Our Verdict and Review

What We’re Not So Fond of

  • As mentioned above, there are some recipes which require substantial amount of prep time. This isn’t a big deal though since you can go around it.
  • Also some of the meals called for organic foods. If you want to make these recipes and follow then as is, you’ll need to make sure the ingredients are available in your market or find a market that supplies them.

What We Like About the Book

  • The large number of recipes and varying categories of food types available is something I really liked about the cookbook. It gives you a lot of options and you can pretty much cook anything from soups to steaks.
  • I really liked the herbs and spices bonus book. I didn’t know much about using the various condiments, herbs or spices so this was a real eye opener in terms of taste and flavors I could use.
  • The book is very well written and easily to follow. Things are laid out so you can easily understand and see ingredients, directions and the dish.
  • The meals were mostly easy to make and most of them really tasted good.

–>> Check out the book’s website and read more about the recipes in the cookbook


Paleo Leap Review Summary

The Paleo Leap Cookbook really helped me transition into the Paleo diet. The availability of the ingredients made them easy to procure and preparing them was easy enough even for a not so great cook like me.

In due time, I’ll probably add another recipe/cookbook or two to my collection. This will help me learn more about cooking as well as eating this way.

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