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Renegade Diet Review

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Renegade Diet ImageFor any weight lifting training the two primary goals are packing on muscle and getting rid of the extra layer of fat. This way you not only get bigger and muscular but all your muscles aren’t hidden underneath fat. In short, you get ripped.

The problem with the two is that they are often the opposite. You need to eat, and eat a lot to gain weight as well as build muscles.

On the other hand doing so also includes fat. This has always been an issue I’ve had to deal with when trying to bulk up. Also, most of the time when it comes time to cut, dieting is always either very boring or something that’s difficult to follow.

Here’s where the Renegade Diet comes in. This is one of the more popular programs for lifters who want look good. My renegade diet review takes a closer look at what happens in this system and if will in fact help you attain results and eventually your goals.

What Is The Renegade Diet?

The Renegade Diet is a fat loss program that helps you add muscle along the way. While this sounds ironic, Jason Ferruggia goes into its details in the book. Ferruggia is a well known fitness and strength trainer who has been helping others attain their strength and fitness goals.

When I first went through the the book, I noticed that it contained a lot of information. After some more careful reading I realized that it was a bit of a mix of some of the other diets I’ve seen, most notably, the intermittent fasting concept used in Eat Stop Eat and also the carbohydrate system used in Carb Backloading.

The other thing I noticed and actually liked is that Ferruggia focuses a lot of health, as in health first. So he does not sacrifice health just to get results.

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A Deeper Look into the Renegade Diet Book

While the Renegade Diet plan is a combination of two different systems there are some modifications done to them. Here are some of them.

Similar to the Eat Stop Eat program where you apply intermittent fasting to get rid of the extra fat, you also use the same concept here, but the feeding window and fasting windows are different. The length of the two phases are different from that of the Eat Stop Eat system.

The feeding window meanwhile has a portion where you implement an eating plan that’s similar to the Carb Backloading system. Though the times are different and what you get to eat is also different. In Carb Backloading you’re free to eat a lot. This includes some unhealthy carbs.

This phase helps you keep your muscles by feeding them after your workouts. This way you don’t lose muscle mass even as you fast. The main difference between Carb Backloading and the Renegade Diet plan is that here, it is recommended to consume healthier carbs, through it still is flexible enough to let you take other carbs too.

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Renegade Diet Review Summary

From the point of view of someone who workouts to pack some muscle and look good at the same time, the Renegade Diet plan is something that works. It gets you lean and takes off the extra fat without leaving you hungry, drained or lose muscle mass.

Keep in mind that you have to follow the diet, and you’ll want to read the entire book to understand all the things to go through the diet properly to get the right results. It can be a bit complicated so understanding both the fasting phase as well as how long and when to eat is crucial and reading the process and understanding is important.

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