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Restore My Blood Sugar Review – A Look at Natural Ways

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Restore My Blood Sugar ReviewAlong with high blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugar levels are the two of the most dangerous conditions faced by many people today.

The thing that makes these two conditions dangerous is that unlike other health issues or injuries where you instantly feel pain or other symptoms having high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels often don’t show you any symptoms until they’ve progressed to later stages.

This means that they have taken their time to wreak havoc on your body and internal organs. Usually it takes years before they manifest any symptoms.

Because they affect a big portion of people, these are also two of the biggest markets for pharmaceutical companies. You’ll see a lot of different brands and types of medications for them. But what you may not be aware of is that to a large degree many high blood pressure and high blood sugar sufferers can actually use natural means to get rid of these problems. Yes without taking medication.

This is what the Restore My Blood Sugar program sets out to do. And our review takes a closer look at this natural based treatment.

What is the Restore My Blood Sugar Program?

Written by Dr. Andrew Forester and Dr. Chao, the book sets forth methods you can follow to improve your blood sugar levels and bring them back to normal levels. This is done without the use of medication and pills that often carry side effects with them.

The book focuses of natural treatments that lists out a number of ways you can fix your health by changing lifestyle, the way you eat and behave. All together these steps will allow you to control your diabetes or prevent you from even getting diabetes.

The program doesn’t rely on the use of medication, it does not require you to do any heavy exercise or difficult dieting. You also won’t need to put yourself through low carb diets or starving yourself from carbohydrates. This makes it natural and safe.

Two of the main things they promote are obesity control and reduction of stress. These are two of the most common causes of blood sugar issues and actually affect our bodies more than we think. Taking control of these two things will actually lower your blood pressure as well which make you a lot healthier overall.

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Main Topics Covered in the Book

Diet and Exercise

Having a healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise are among the two best natural means of lowering blood sugar. The Restore My Blood Sugar book reviews and shows how you can change your lifestyle and incorporate these two things into it. Doing so ultimately improves your blood sugar levels.

  1. Exercise BookImportance of Exercise and How Much to do. The first section of the book covers this. It teaches the benefits of exercise and what should be done about it. Following a regular routine will allow your body to get better blood circulation and let you lose the extra weight.
  2. Diet Plan and Nutrition. Along with adding exercises to your lifestyle, you will want to modify any unhealthy eating habits and either bring down blood glucose levels or prevent you from ever having diabetes. The program includes nutritional eating plans for normal people and diabetics. This will help you control the blood sugar spikes and also bring down weight if you’re overweight.
  3. Understanding Your Proper BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This is a chart that takes into consideration your weight relative to your height. All you need to do is look up your current height and it will show you a range of weight that’s healthy for your current height. If you’re below that weight, you’re underweight and need to gain weight. If you weight more, you’re overweight and need to shed pounds for better health. Understanding this will help you eat better to get to the proper weight. It has been shown in research that overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from metabolic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Research has also revealed that many diabetic sufferers has been able to stop taking their medication after losing their excess weight.

Blood Sugar and Diabetes

This portion of the program deals specifically with one’s blood sugar issues and those who are diabetics.

  1. Diabetic Diet. Included in the program is a diet that’s specifically designed for diabetic patients. The goal of the diet is to control blood sugar levels and bring them back to normal healthy levels. This is done without artificial foods, supplements or medication. You also learn about which foods are helpful and harmful if you have diabetes.
  2. Day to Day Schedule. Part of the system involves a review of your current daily schedule. It then shows you what your schedule should look like including the things you should do within the day. One of the most important of which is including a daily 30 minute exercise session.
  3. Natural Remedies. Throughout the program you will learn about natural methods of treating diabetes and blood sugar levels. There are no medicines or supplements hawked. Instead natural foods that help lower blood sugar like certain seeds and cinnamon are suggested in the book.

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Our Review of the Program

The Positives

  1. We like that the book takes into consideration the entire lifestyle modification. This gives a whole approach which includes a better diet suited to your condition, proper exercise and a daily schedule.
  2. We also like that the recommendations are based on natural products that we can get. All too often the first things that we’ll be given to fix any health issues are medications. We often forget that there are cheaper, safer and more natural alternatives.
  3. It lists 20 super foods that help our body regulate and lower our blood sugar. Eating these on a regular basis with moderation will help treat diabetes or prevent it.
  4. For those with diabetes, it also lists 10 carbs that are diabetic friendly, which allow you to eat better and not starve yourself from carbohydrates due to fear of spiking your blood sugar.
  5. The exercise program shown is easy to follow and can be done a home or in your garden. There is no need for special exercise equipment or going to the gym.

The Negatives

  1. While the program may sound very optimistic, you should be realistic in that it does not work overnight. You won’t see it make an instant cure in a week or a few days. This is a lifestyle change and will take time for your body to improve. That means that you need to stay consistent with the plan, diet and exercises.
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