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Skintervention GuideA big part of looking good is having good, healthy skin. Almost all of our body is covered by it is very difficult to miss it. Because skin acts as out exterior cover and protection to our surroundings it takes a heavy beating from the sun’s rays, smoke, dust and other particles in our environment.

Plus, some beauty and skin products we use contain harmful chemicals that can dry or even damage out skin without use knowing it.

Skintervention is the brainchild of Liz Wolfe who is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She’s also a nutritional coach to those looking to fix their eating habits to get healthier, and a magazine columnist.

What is the Skintervention Guide?

In her Skintervention Guide, Liz discusses the different things that our skin experiences everyday that harm it. And by going back to basics, including eating better and using less chemicals on our skins we are able to bring its radiance and healthy look back. Our Skintervention review takes a closer look at her guide and tips that Liz offers to help our skin look more beautiful.

What’s Included in the Package?

The Skintervention Guide is the main book that delves into helping your skin rejuvenate through taking care of your body. The entire package actually comes in a set of 3 books, the other two books are bonus guides that help you with your skin intervention. All of the books are in pdf format which allows you to download them easily and start.

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The Skintervention Guide

The Skintervention Guide consists of over 200 pages of topics covering the different things you can do for your skin. In the guide, skin care isn’t only what we do to our skin but also what we don’t do or put on it. It also links the things we eat and how our digestive system is able to absorb what we consume to how our skin feels and looks. Also included body care tips that you can use to improve skin tone and health.

The guide is split into 3 main parts, each covering a different topic but related to one another

Section 1: Nutrition

When we talk about skin care we often think of the cosmetics, moisturizers, other cleansing agents and lotions we put on our skin. The reality is our skin health begins with what we eat. And Skintervention begins with fixing that. It differentiates the good and bad foods so you can identify which ones to get rid from your diet. “Super foods” which are those that help our skin recover and become healthier are also listed. In addition to food, Liz also lists supplements that prove beneficial to skin restoration and care.

Section 2: Digestion

The next part of the guide book looks into how our body digests what we consume. More importantly to make sure that the good foods we eat are digested properly and absorbed so that the provide the benefits that they carry. Sleep as well as stress are also discussed and how these two factors play very big roles in skin health. These, together with dealing with oily skin as well as how deficiencies in nutrients can be harmful not only to our skin but also to our hair and our nails.

The other tips will help ensure that the food we eat is absorbed properly so that the nutrients get to where they should.

Section 3: Topical Care

Finally the outside. Once you eat properly, digest and absorb the nutrients, it’s time for outer body care. The book takes a look at the many toxic products that can harm not only skin but also hair, body, and face. This looks at all the different parts of the body beginning from our hair to our teeth, underarms and toe nails. Simple things like apple cider vinegar are backing soda are some very useful products that help heal our skin.

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Bonus Guides included in the Set

Easy Recipes Guide

Bonus Guide #1 is a recipe cookbook of the different dishes you can prepare to promote better skin health. They make use of ingredients that are helpful and not harmful to our skin.

Resources Guide

Bonus Guide #2 offers some more tips and resources to help get you that beautiful glowing skin.

Skintervention Review Summary

Skintervention is a refreshing guide to going back to the basics and away from the more common line of beauty and cleansing products that we now see more and more of. It brings us back to looking at our nutrition to start our skin’s recovery process. Later on it looks at more natural products for topic skin care and ditching the chemical laden products produced by skin care companies.

The guide is a skin intervention as its name suggests. The changes do happen when you make these changes but it isn’t easy and you’ll need to make them lifestyle changes in order for them not to just be temporary fixes. Also, don’t expect a quick overnight turnaround as it is a process so doing it diligently is just as important as using the resource guides provided by the books.

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