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The Beauty Of Food Review – Using Food for Better Skin

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Beauty of Food BookEvery woman wants to have younger, smoother looking skin. And for the most part, people will go to all lengths to look like their younger selves.

This is why the fountain of youth practices like plastic surgery and Botox clinics work. The make a living giving us what we want which is the ability to look better and younger.

It isn’t just the procedures that are doing this. If you look down the list, numerous skin care and cosmetic companies have make it their business to provide us with the next skin regeneration lotion or a moisturizer that will repair skin to make you look younger.

A lot of these really work and work well. But if you’re looking for something that does not use any artificial ingredients or chemicals on your body, the Beauty of Food book is something that looks into this.

What Is The Beauty Of Food?

Contrary to what its title sounds like, this isn’t a diet or recipe book about foods. Instead this book looks into the everyday foods we find in our kitchens, pantries, and supermarkets that we can apply topically to our skin to make it look younger and healthier.

It takes a more natural approach of taking common and less common foods, including some herbs that have the ability to heal and regenerate our skin.

The book’s obvious audience is women, but men can definitely use it to enhance their skin and make it healthier. The methods shared in the book make use of natural ingredients so they aren’t harmful to the skin.

–>> Click to view the Beauty of Food Book here


How Will It Help You Look and Feel Younger?

While many natural approaches give us different ways of using food to heal diseases and other health issues, seldom does it cover using food as a way to improve skin and our complexion. These are some things that help us get better skin.

  1. For each of the different external body parts, including the skin, hair, eyes, and nails, the book gives us 7 methods per part that uses natural foods and ingredients to improve these parts.
  2. There is a formula that’s specially made for our hands. These also includes tips so we can enjoy younger looking hands.
  3. A list of foods we can eat that helps our body battle against aging. This is a food list and not a diet that you need to do. Including some of these foods in your meals will help your body stay younger.
  4. Tips on how to avoid wrinkles and also how to treat and get rid of the ones you currently have.
  5. A hair secret that lets you develop shiny, supple hair. The mixture is based on a few natural ingredients.
  6. Foods that you can apply on your skin that will make it tighter and prevent loose skin.

The ingredients and mixtures can be made on your own and come out much cheaper than store bought solutions.

Our Review

What We Aren’t Fond About

  • The book’s mixtures and recipes aren’t backed by any scientific research. These fall under the category of alternative skin solutions so like many of its kind, there aren’t scientific based proof that are available to back their results.
  • It would be great if the book also describes or explains what the expect skin improvements are for each of the solutions provided. This will let you be more aware of what each does.

What We Like About it

  • It’s a unique and different way of looking at things. We know from a number of natural skin health and beauty product companies like the Body Shop that a lot of ingredients are sourced from natural things around us like food, herbs, leaves and other things. The books creations are based on this concept.
  • It saves you a lot of money. Compared you the skin care products in stores, the solutions and recipes in the book can be made ourselves at home. When done, they come out costing only a small fraction of what similar store bought products cost.
  • There are different solutions for skin including those for the hands and even neck. It also comes with a botox alternative that’s much cheaper. Aside from our skin it also gives us some way to improve our hair, nails and prevent aging.

–> See the Book and how it can help you get younger looking skin


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