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The Truth About AbsLet’s face it, all of us like looking good. And one of the best ways to do so is get a flat stomach. It makes us fit better with clothes and when the beach season comes we have no qualms about swimwear.

The problem is though, this is often easier said than done. It’s true that getting a flat stomach or the very much desired six pack abs is not easy. However, like many things in life, knowing the plan of attach makes a lot of things much easier.

One of the biggest difficulties of getting six pack abs often falls on misunderstanding. This is why we see so many people spend countless hours doing sit ups or crunches, and others also spending so much time on ab machines without getting the results.

Here’s where Mike Geary comes in. As someone who’s worked out for most his life and studies the human body, he brings us the Truth About Abs.

What is the Truth About Abs?

The Truth About Abs is an eye opener. It explains the entire process of how we can get that much desired six pack abs without running ourselves to the ground working out in the gym. It also goes through the different concepts including the misconceptions about getting a flat stomach, which is why many people to get there.

The key thing to understand about the book is that it’s goal isn’t to quickly get you there and just leave you on your own. What is aspires to do is change the way we do things, which includes nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle so that we not only lose weight now and get our 6 pack abs but also maintain a slim, healthy lifestyle afterwards.

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Misconceptions About Getting Abs

One of the first things Mike Geary covers in the book are the common misconceptions about fat loss and getting abs. Understanding these things will help us avoid falling into the trap that commercialization and advertisements lead us to believe.

Misconception #1: Fad Diets

It’s easy to tell fad diets once they’ve run their course and many people have tried them. But realizing them at the moment they are just becoming popular may be difficult. That’s because some really work. Take for example the Paleo diet, which has gained a good amount of popularity, but isn’t a fad diet since it works and is sustainable.

The key is to be able to separate the real sustainable diets from the fad diets. And avoid the fad diets since they may work today but we’ll probably gain the weight back after.

This is why Mike Geary feels that many of the low carb diets don’t work. Because they’re restrictive and make use crave things even more. This will lead us back to gaining the weight back. Instead, he encourages balanced diets and eating the right foods, that you actually like.

Misconception #2: Long Hours of Cardio

Like Craig Ballantyne, who’s a trainer that makes his clients avoid doing long hours of cardio, the book also believes doing so is a mistake. Cardio in itself isn’t wrong according to him, it’s how we’ve learned to do it. By changing the way we do aerobic exercises we are able to improve our cardio training programs and increase our metabolic rate to promote fat loss.

The is why the book uses a different type of workout program that does not involve having get on a treadmill for hours.

Misconception #3: Sit ups and Crunches to get Abs

I think this is by far the biggest one. We’re all led to believe that if we do hundreds of sit ups or crunches everyday we’ll get abs like boxers have. That’s what we’ve seen in sports shows and also exercise videos.

Instead, focus on core strengthening which will build the core muscles. This will make us overall stronger, and also develop abs. The bigger thing with this is, because we’ll be doing less ab-specific exercises it will also affect more body parts which means improved metabolic rates.

This combined with eating better and losing the extra layers of fat is the combination that will produce abs.

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For me, the Truth About Abs is an eye opener. I used to think that losing the belly fat was all about exercise. Now not so much. It’s really more about eating first, then using efficient exercise to complement one’s diet.

Losing weight and keeping that figure long after losing weight is really the main goal. And not just losing pounds quickly. So it’s more or a lifestyle than a fad diet. And the book promotes this permanent way of eating for weight loss by changing the way we eat and making meals that use proper ingredients so we don’t gain the weight back.

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