Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review – Know What You’re Eating

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Truth About Fat Burning FoodsFood is essential not only for sustenance and nutrition but for our well being. As humans we need food as a power source. And the better the quality of food we put in our mouths the healthier and more productive we become.

The question is how do you choose the food you eat. Is it by taste, by looks, or by nutritional value. Not all foods are created equal. The taste differently, the come in different colors, shapes and sizes. So how do you know which is the right one to eat?

Here’s were the Truth About Fat Burning Foods come in. Its goal is educate us about what we’re putting in our mouths. More importantly, which foods will do us good and which ones will probably do us more harm.

What is the Truth About Fat Burning Foods?

Written by Nick Pineault, who calls himself a food detective, this is an entire program built on a collection of books that provide us with information about the different foods we eat. It tells us which ones are good for us and which ones ultimately affect us in negative ways.

The program is designed to help us improve our current diet and make us aware of the different types of foods and available. In doing so, we are able to improve our diets.

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Things You Get in the Package

Before we are able to make the right choices and design meal plans, we’ll need to understand the different types of foods. The Truth About Fat Burning Foods does just that. It is a series of ebooks that you come in PDF format which you can digitally download.

The series covers the different food categories beginning from proteins, carbs and fats which make up the 3 main sources of energy our bodies use. It also educates us about drinks, snacks and supplements. One of the books also introduces us to what Nick Pineault refers to as superfoods, because of their healthy makeup and benefits they provide to our bodies.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods SetIn each of the books included in the package, you learn the The Truth About:

1. Fat Burning Foods

This guide is the main book in the series. You start with this book which provides you with an overview of how you can modify your diet to improve it. By doing so, you’ll be able to not only eat healthier but also burn fat better. The book is an easy read and makes you consciously think about your food choices and not just go for the best looking package or what’s said in commercials.

2. Protein, Fat & Carbs

This book talks about the three main food categories, protein, carbs and fats. If you’re trying to lose weight and burn fat, proteins are your main source of energy. The author lists the primary sources of protein that are available for meat eaters as well as vegetarians.

When it comes to carbs, limiting them is important in order to lose weight. Just as important is understanding the different types of carbohydrates that are available, which ones are healthy and which ones to stay away from.

With fats, you also want to distinguish the good from the bad. When trying to lose weight you’ll need to incorporate some fat into your diet too. You’ll learn how much and which types of fat work best here.

3. Condiments, Snacks & Seasonings

For the most part, restaurant or commercially prepared snacks, condiments and seasonings aren’t good for you. They’re probably one of the biggest things holding you back from losing weight from your current diet. Remember eating that healthy salad for lunch? What you may have overlooked is that it came with heavy dressing, and that the dressing can have more fat and calories than a regular meal.

By staying away from pre-made snacks, seasonings and condiments we’ll be able to improve our eating habits.

However, it does not mean we can’t have these things. In fact, they often make food taste better. The solution? Make your own. This book is a guide and comes with recipes that will let you prepare your our condiments, sauces and snacks. This ensures you use healthier ingredients the help you in losing weight.

4. Drinks

Which of the many drinks are healthy and which can sabotage your diet? Some obvious answers are soda and commercial juices. But have you also considered your coffee. Yes, how you take your coffee can also affect your dieting.

In this ebook guide, the author goes through the different drinks available and lists which ones you can and should have daily.

5. Superfoods

There are lots of superfoods touted by the TV doctors and health companies. Certain fruits and foods have been labeled as such, but do they really have added benefits?

These foods are often specialty foods and are more expensive. Plus, most of us would normally not pick them if it weren’t for their benefits. This book looks at these super foods to see if they’re really worth the extra cash you spend on them.

6. Your Grocery Cart

With this book, the next time you go to the grocery store, you’ll know which items to pick up and which to pass on. The book goes through some of the foods that are nutritious and will help you burn fat.

7. Supplements

Do they all work? And more importantly are they all safe? From the hundreds and even thousands of supplements that claim to help you burn fat and lose weight, which ones have really been tested and really work.

Diet Makeover Book

Then, also included is a guide that will help you do a step by step makeover of your current diet based on the information that they’ve provided. This will fix your current diet into one that will help you eat better, have less cravings and burn fat more efficiently.

4 Step Diet Makeover – the final guide helps you put all the pieces together to build a fat burning diet plan.

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Our Review of the Program

What We’re Not Fans of

Nick Pineault questions the credibility of certified nutritionists. While this may be true in some cases where you have nutritionists who aren’t qualified. I’ve met and consulted with a number of them and so far haven’t met one that didn’t know their stuff. Just like a doctor, making sure you go to a reputable one leaves you in good hands.

There are a lot of books and information. This is also a good point below. On the negative end however, having so many pages and books often can leave them unread by the reader.

What We Like

The program thoroughly covers the different aspects of eating, food and diet. Each of the books are full of information and well researched. The author not only states his case but also provides depth in his discussions. An added plus is that the books are well written and very easy to read.

In each of the books and food categories, the facts and researched data is presented. Then actionable modifications and suggestions are provided. This lets you act on what you’ve learned making it very practical.

The program covers all the bases. Often you’d find someone just covering a portion since there are so many food groups and types. The program goes through the different groups, even including drinks, supplements and other types giving complete coverage.

Closing Remarks

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods program offers thorough coverage of the different types of foods available to us. It offers a lot of information we were not aware of and changes we can implement to improve our diet to help us burn fat as well as get healthier.

As great as the information provided in the program is, the work is still up to you. You need to use it and apply the changes to your daily eating habits for any of it to work.

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