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Venus Factor Diet Review – Shape Your Figure

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Venus FactorWhen it comes to losing weight, getting too thin can be an issue. While it may be great for supermodels to look that way so they can fit into clothes really well for the regular women, being skinny doesn’t look as attractive as one whose body is well toned.

This is why most diet programs and plans today often come with exercise or fitness training so you not only lose the fat but also look good after.

The Venus Factor system is one of the most popular weight loss programs around. We review it and take a look at what’s in it to see if its popularity is warranted.

What is the Venus Factor Diet?

The Venus Factor program is a complete weight loss system that’s designed specifically for women. Its main goal is to help you lose weight but more importantly shape the female figure so you have the right curves in the right locations, giving you a sleek yet sexy physique.

The entire system combines a diet plan which helps you figure out what and how to eat so you can manage your meal plans. It also includes a workout routine that will let you burn fat and build toned legs, arms and behind for that sexy slim figure.

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The Venus Factor System Review

All together these are the 5 components that come with the program. The first two components, namely the diet manual and the workout book are the materials you’ll need to read to learn about the system. In them are described how to go about with meal planning and setting up your diet while the workout is a 12 week training regimen designed to result in the ideal feminine body.


Venus Factor Program1. Diet and Weight Loss Manual

This is a pdf ebook that’s 180 pages in length. In it you’ll find the different things needed to lose weight and get fit. The system breaks down the stages into two, with the first being getting rid of the excess fat and losing the extra weight. After that, you shape the body by using exercise to sculpt it in the correct places.

The book also introduces the concept of the Venus index which is the ratio and proportion of certain body parts to your overall figure. These include the ratio of height to waist, waist to hips and waist to shoulders. But understanding the ratios and figuring out the measurements you have certain goals you shoot for to get a well shaped and proportional figure.

A number of sections discuss the actual diet and meal planning. It shows you what to eat and also how to eat. You’ll learn how to compute how much you should eat to get your desired results. There are also a number of meal plans included in the program based on the amount of calories you’ll be targeting. The meal plans are among the most useful items in the entire set of books.

2. Venus Factor Workout Routine

To complement the diet plan and menu, this weight loss system includes a 12 week workout program. This routine is laid out in this book and comes with an exercise library and instructional videos. Here you see what exercises to do, learn how to perform them, and when to do as well as how much of each exercise to do.

The workouts are resistance based which are the best way to shape and tone muscles.

3. Virtual Nutritionist

This is an app included with the package that will allow you track your caloric intake. The app makes monitoring your diet much easier.

4. Community

Also available is the large community of members. In the Venus Factor community you get access to blogs and forums so you can interact with other members, share experiences and troubleshoot anything that you’re not sure of.

5. Venus Index Podcasts

This is another great support tool where interviews with members are available. The talk about their experiences with the diet and their successes. One thing that can easily be observed is that there are a lot of testimonials of women who’ve gotten results from using this system.

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Our Review of this Diet Program


  • There are a number of marketing products within the books. While this isn’t much of a hindrance, it can sometimes distract you.
  • Better formatting and layout can be done. This can make reading the material much easier and fluid.


  • The program works for different fitness levels and any woman can use it. It diet plans are very sensible as well as the fitness routine. The diet isn’t too restrictive such that it is difficult to follow through. The workouts are likewise effective yet not overbearing that you don’t want to go back to the gym.
  • Lots of information is included in the books. The meal plans and calculating how much you will be eating are very valuable. It also explains foods to avoid as well as those to eat and when.
  • Lots of Meal Plans. There are a lot of meal plans included in the package. You can choose from those that are listed. You’ll be able to pick out the meal plan based on the amount of calories you’ll be needing.
  • Practical Workouts. Like mentioned earlier, the workouts are practical and something everyone can follow and do. They also let you tone your figure in a controlled way.


This is an excellent diet program for any women who’s not only looking to lose weight but also look good after. Instead of ending just skinny, the Venus Factor system includes a training program to make sure you’re not only slim but also in fit shape.

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