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Visual Impact for Women Review – Can it Give You that Hollywood Look?

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Visual Impact for WomenMany women shun going to the gym for the fear of getting too big. In the same way many women who workout often spend most of their time on cardio machines and light weights for fear that using free weights or heavier ones will make them too bulky and less feminine.

If one of these things have been the reason for keeping you off resistance training then Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women program may be something to look at.

The truth is resistance training aids in fat loss and also helps strengthen bones which becomes more important as women age.

With the program, Rusty reveals a different type of training program that’s designed to help you tone and firm muscles without building the bulk. This lets you build a sleek and lean physique that looks great.

What is the Visual Impact for Women Program?

Due to the fear that lifting weights will result in building mass and bulk, women stay away from many heavier weight lifting exercises in the gym. The focus of this program is to give ladies the lean muscles in the right places, including the legs and arms.

The system is likewise designed to reduce size and bulk instead of packing it on. This makes it perfect for those who want to get a lean, toned figure but not bulky.

Rusty Moore spent time figuring out how to produce these types of results after spending years bulking up like most weight lifters. Only later to realize that he got really big and bulky that fitting into his jeans became an issue because of how wide his thighs got.

By adjusting the makeup of the training sessions, the number of sets, repetitions and types of workouts used, Visual Impact for Women produces a leaner, sexier look, without the extra bulk or veins.

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Included in the Package

With this package there are 4 main component that are included. Together these books outline and detail the training program, the cardio program, the different exercises included and sheets that will let you track your how you’re doing.

Visual Impact for Women Ebook

This is the main manual for the program. It is an 89 page book that lays out what the program is as well as the structure of the program. There are 20 chapters in total included and they cover everything from the very start where the author explains and debunks some of the training myths that surround weights and women. Towards the end, there a number of workout routines included that are written for when you go to the gym and have all the equipment at your disposal, and also for home workouts, where you don’t have as much available.

The ebook provides a lot of training information as it goes into detail about the different methods of training so you can understand how each one works and how the body responds to it. Included are discussions on high rep programs, low repetition routines and training to failure. It also delves into the differences between using free weights, machines and bodyweight training.

The middle to latter portion of the book turns its focus into dieting and the cardio program. Here it introduces the cardio training that’s to be done in the program which is different from most other cardio workouts.

At the very end, it has a chapter on how to lose mass on purpose if you want or need to.

Cardio Book

While the main book describes the cardio program, this book lays out the exact 12 week system to be followed. It is specifically designed to torch fat so you end up with a lean figure. The cardio work used here is different form the usual circuit training or long cardio sessions often found in other fat loss handbooks.

Exercise Demonstrations Book

To help you understand the exercises to be performed in the program, included is an exercise demonstration guide. This is a thick 229 page book that is packed with exercises.

The guide shows you how to execute each exercise properly. It also comes with quick navigation links that will let you easily find exercises that you’re looking for.

The number of exercises make this an excellent resource for anyone into fitness and training. It also lets you switch between the different exercises for variety but more importantly to keep your body guessing so that you avoid plateaus and continue your progress.

Printable Workout Charts

The workout sheets included here allow you to print them out for use with all the training routines. This makes it easy to track and monitor your sessions.

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Our Review


  1. The 12 week plan that you follow is very detailed and explains things that will help women get a toned, sleek physique.
  2. The program also explains dieting, including what to eat. It also goes into the the cardio program explaining how to do it and how these two aspects are incorporated into the entire training program to get results.
  3. The program is very customizable, allowing you to adjust the schedule and change the components based on your needs. It is not a one size fits all system. The program also goes through the fat loss process in great detail very methodically and how to use it to get real results.
  4. The cardio and fat loss program included is innovative and different from other common weight loss training programs.


  1. It would be great to have videos for the exercises. The images and instructions do a good job though, but being a visual person, having videos would really be a plus.
  2. The program is geared more towards exercise. It uses exercise, namely resistance training and cardio sessions for fat loss to get into lean shape. Depending on your lifestyle, some may be looking for a program that focuses more on diet, and others may want more balance between exercise and diet.
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